Internal combustion engine

Internal combustion engine

  • CN 102,734,003 A
  • Filed: 04/13/2012
  • Published: 10/17/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/13/2011
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1. explosive motor comprises:

  • Working cylinder;

    The EGR gas cylinder;

    Gas handling system is used for combustion air is offered said cylinder;

    First vent systems is used for waste gas is rejected to atmosphere from said working cylinder;

    Second vent systems is used for waste gas is offered said gas handling system from said EGR gas cylinder eliminating and with said waste gas through the EGR gas service;

    Compressor, said compressor are arranged in the said gas handling system and are configured to compress said combustion air and it is flowed to said working cylinder and said EGR gas cylinder;

    The compressor inlet assembly, said compressor inlet assembly has the combustion air inlet hole, and this combustion air inlet hole is communicated with said gas handling system fluid and is configured to receive the combustion air from said gas handling system;

    Combustion air channel, said combustion air channel extends to the combustion air charge outlet that is positioned at said combustion air inlet hole downstream through said compressor inlet assembly and is configured to be communicated with said compressor fluid;

    The EGR gas mixing duct;

    Said EGR gas mixing duct is arranged in the said compressor inlet assembly and has EGR gas inlet and EGR gas passage;

    Said EGR gas inlet is configured to be communicated with said EGR gas service fluid and receive the EGR gas from said EGR gas service, and said EGR gas passage is supplied with ring from said EGR gas entrance extension to being arranged on said combustion air inlet hole EGR gas on every side;

    AndA plurality of EGR gas mouths;

    Said a plurality of EGR gas mouth is supplied with between ring and the said combustion air channel at said EGR gas and is extended;

    Making said EGR gas supply with ring thus is connected with said combustion air channel fluid ground;

    Thereby EGR gas is transferred to said combustion air channel, and wherein, the said combustion air that is transferred to said cylinder is the mixture of combustion air and EGR gas.

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