Container with tearing strip

Container with tearing strip

  • CN 102,774,546 A
  • Filed: 07/05/2012
  • Published: 11/14/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/05/2012
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. airtight container;

  • Comprise the container cover (1) and the container body (2) that can be bonded with each other, the periphery of said container cover (1) is provided with the groove (1-1) under shed, and the upper periphery of container body (2) is provided with receiving area (2-2);

    When container closure;

    Secure latch (2-1) on container body (2) upper limb is defined and remains in the groove (1-1) of container cover (1), and simultaneously, the convexity (1-1-5) that is positioned at the edge of container cover (1) is defined and remains on the receiving area (2-2) at container body (2) top;

    Form incorgruous dual safety interlocking structureIt is characterized in that,The first heavy safety interlocking structure comprises ring-type grab (1-1-3) and secure latch (2-1), is set on the inside face of lateral wall (1-1-2) of groove (1-1) of container cover (1) respectively and the top of the sidewall (2-6) of container body (2);

    The second heavy safety interlocking structure comprises outer shroud protruding (1-1-5) that is arranged on container cover (1) edge and the receiving area (2-2) that is arranged on container body (2) top;

    The discrete snap close (2-3-1) of multistage is set in the receiving area (2-2);

    The outer shroud at this snap close and container cover (1) edge protruding (1-1-5) fastens each other;

    Wherein, the fastening of the first and second heavy safety interlocking structures is in the opposite direction, andWherein, the said multistage secure latch (2-3-1) in the receiving area (2-2) of container body (2) is formed to destroy together with the lateral wall that belongs to and removes the zone.

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