Effective protection of data in mobile device

Effective protection of data in mobile device

  • CN 102,799,827 B
  • Filed: 07/25/2012
  • Issued: 12/21/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/26/2011
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. it is configurable to the mobile device that data protection is ready, including:

  • Calculating system, it power-supply system including there is onboard energy source, and operationally with data storage device and networkThe processor that interface couples mutually, described calculating system farther includes;

    Preparation module, be configured to perform pretreatment so that described mobile device to be data protection ready ready, described pre-Process includes;

    Instruction be stored in described data storage device some for the owner of described mobile device, there is individual importanceData item;

    There is described in demonstrative definition the standard of the data item of individual importance situation to be protected;

    AndInstruction to perform the set of actions of the data item to have individual importance described in protection;

    Wherein instruction be stored in described data storage device some for the owner of described mobile device, there is individual'"'"'s weightThe data item of the property wanted farther includes;

    According in each data item possessory importance character based on the degree used or use to described mobile deviceAt least one assess described each data item;

    To specify one or more importance information for described data item based on described assessment;

    AndProtection module, is configured to based on having individual by the described standard indicated by described preparation module described in being monitored importantThe appearance of the described situation that the data item of property is to be protected, and the appearance to described situation being detected respond and perform byDescribed set of actions indicated by described preparation module;

    Wherein said protection module includes situation monitoring module, its activity/inertia being configured to monitor described mobile deviceAnd status information carrys out detection case with the described standard based on definition situation, and wherein said activity/inertia and shapeState information includes that user interface input activity, if applicable GPS or the sign of accelerometer, messaging activity, voice call are livedDynamic.

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