The bio-modification technique of ricin

The bio-modification technique of ricin

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  • Filed: 08/31/2012
  • Issued: 09/09/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/31/2012
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1. the bio-modification technique of ricin, is characterized in that described bio-modification technique is as follows:

  • (1) castor seeds leach oil;

    castor seeds shells, pulverize after leach oil, castor seed meal is for subsequent use;

    (2) ricin extracts;

    be that raw material extracts ricin with castor seed meal;

    (3) inductive formation ricin maggot ovum;

    get 100g cavings, 10-20g castor protein powder, 5-10g peptone, 5-8gKH 2pO 4mix, spray 10-20ml pure water, keep temperature 25-45 DEG C, time 48-120h, generate worm'"'"'s ovum;

    (4) training of ricin larva is grown;

    get 200-300g castor protein powder, 10-20g extraction from yeast powder, 10-15g peptone, 10-20gKH 2pO 4, 2-5gNaCl, 1-5mL ammoniacal liquor, adding the mixing of 1.0-2.0L pure water becomes ricin children maggot nutrient solution, is sub-packed in 20-30 Erlenmeyer flask, every bottle is respectively charged into the worm'"'"'s ovum trained before 0.2-1.0g and grow, shaking table 1-10 time/min, cultivates 12-48h, generates containing ricin children maggot nutrient solution;

    (5) castor-oil plant maggot is cultivated;

    get 2000-5000g castor protein powder, 500-800g extraction from yeast powder, 12-15gNH 4cl, 0.1-0.5gNaCl, 50-100gNa 2hPO 4, 0.2-1.0gCaCl 2, 10-15L deionized water and stirring evenly becomes maggot and cultivates liquid, with the process of Gauss'"'"'s magnetic induction, add 1.0-2.0L and cultivate containing ricin children maggot nutrient solution, the ricin maggot cultivated becomes milk yellow by oyster white;

    (6) ricin maggot be separated, cleaning and deactivation;

    put into separating machine with the ricin maggot cultivated be separated worm liquid by cultivating liquid, use pure water rinsing, then use heat water-spraying'"'"'s ricin maggot, ricin maggot is inactivated;

    (7) ricin maggot is dry;

    the ricin maggot of deactivation is dry, obtains ricin maggot finished product.

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