Papermaking pulp board cutter

Papermaking pulp board cutter

  • CN 102,825,622 B
  • Filed: 09/07/2012
  • Issued: 05/13/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/07/2012
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a papermaking pulpboard cutting machine, is characterized in that, comprising:

  • Circular saw gear piece (11);

    Cutting motor (12), its axle center is used for fixing circular saw gear piece (11);

    Movable fixed mount (13), it is U-shaped, and bottom is used for fixing cutting motor (12);

    Horizontal guide rail (21), is provided with two, and these two horizontal guide rails (21) be arranged in parallel;

    Guide rails fixing support (22), for being fixed on the two ends of horizontal guide rail (21);

    Fixed mount (4), for fixed guide fixed mount (22);

    Horizontal reciprocating driver part, it moves around along horizontal guide rail (21) for driving movable fixed mount (13), and described horizontal reciprocating driver part comprises;

    Reciprocating motor (34), can rotate by both forward and reverse directions;

    Movable pulley (32), it is fixed on the two sides of the U-shaped of movable fixed mount (13), this movable pulley (32) has eight at least, lay respectively at above and below two horizontal guide rails (21), during cutting, circular saw gear piece can only move around in the horizontal direction;

    Sprocket wheel (35), a sprocket wheel (35) is fixed on the guide rails fixing support (22) of side, another sprocket wheel (35) is fixed on the main shaft of reciprocating motor (34), and reciprocating motor (34) is fixed on the guide rails fixing support (22) of opposite side;

    Chain (33), one end is fixed on a fixing point on movable fixed mount (13), and the other end is connected to another fixing point on movable fixed mount (13) after two sprocket wheels (35) connect;

    Position switch (31), have two, it is separately positioned on the inner side on guide rails fixing support (22), for after the position signalling movable fixed mount (13) being detected, controls reciprocating motor (34) and changes rotation direction;

    Described fixed mount (4) comprising;

    Upright guide rail (41), is positioned at the both sides of fixed mount (4), and every side is provided with two;

    Screw rod (43), is positioned at the both sides of fixed mount (4), and every side is provided with one;

    Rolling disc (42), is provided with two, and every rolling disc (42) center is all fixed with screw rod (43);

    Top fixed support (44), is provided with two, lays respectively at the top of upright guide rail (41), and for support rotating dish (42), its center is provided with through hole, and screw rod (43) penetrates this through hole;

    The center of guide rails fixing support (22) is provided with the screwed hole supporting with screw rod (43), the both sides of this guide rails fixing support (22) are provided with the chute supporting with upright guide rail (41), move up and down under the effect that guide rails fixing support (22) can rotate in screw rod (43).

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