Coal tar hydrocracking catalyst and preparation method thereof

Coal tar hydrocracking catalyst and preparation method thereof

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  • Filed: 08/27/2012
  • Issued: 08/03/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/27/2012
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1. a preparation method for coal tar hydrocracking catalyst, amorphous silica-alumina content accounts for the 25%~

  • 75% of catalyst weight;

    The content of modified Y molecular sieve is 2%~


    VI B metal oxide content is 15%~

    40%, and VIII family metal oxide content is 2%~


    Other component is appropriate, alumina content is less than 20%, auxiliary agent content less than 10%, preparation method includes;

    amorphous silica-alumina is made the slurry that pH value is 3.0~

    5.5, modified Y molecular sieve pressed powder is mixed homogeneously with amorphous silica-alumina slurry, then dehydration make plastic paste, through molding, be dried, roasting make catalyst carrier, finally use infusion process load hydrogenation metal component obtain final hydrocracking catalyst;

    It is characterized in that;

    the preparation method of described amorphous silica-alumina comprises the steps;

    A, by sodium aluminate solution to plastic cans, be passed through containing CO simultaneously2Gas, control ph to 11.0~

    13.0, the neutralization response time is 1~

    2 hour;

    B, in the material of step a gained, add alkalescence containing silicon materials, be passed through continuously containing CO2Gas, control ph is 8.0~

    11.0, and the response time is 0.5~

    1.0 hour;

    Alkalescence preparation method Han silicon materials is as follows;

    by sodium silicate, sodium aluminate, sodium hydroxide and water according to (15~

    18) Na2O;



    17) SiO2;


    380) H2The mixed in molar ratio of O is uniform, reacts 0.5~

    48 hour and prepare at room temperature to 70 DEG C, and alkalescence contains silicon materials addition by SiO in amorphous silica-alumina after roasting2Weight content is 20%~

    60% meter;

    C, at the control temperature and pH value of step b, said mixture blowing air stablizes 1~

    3 hour;

    D, the solidliquid mixture of step c gained is filtered and washs;

    E, the solids drying of step d gained obtain amorphous silica-alumina;

    In described amorphous silica-alumina preparation process, it is 20~

    40 DEG C that step a and step b control reaction temperature;

    In described amorphous silica-alumina preparation process, the concentration of sodium aluminate solution used in step a is 15~


    Containing CO2The volumetric concentration of gas is 10v%~


    In described amorphous silica-alumina preparation process, the washing described in step c is to be washed till neutrality with the deionized water of 40~

    90 DEG C;

    Drying condition described in step e is to be dried 4~

    10 hours at 110~

    130 DEG C;

    In described amorphous silica-alumina preparation process, it is 11.5~

    12.0 that step a controls the pH value of reaction end, and step b control ph is 10.0~


    Step b controls constant pH value and controls the pH value low 0.3~

    4.0 of reaction end, the lowest 1.0~

    2.0 than step a;

    The concrete preparation method of described modified Y molecular sieve is as follows;

    (1) carrying out ammonium exchange with industrial NaY molecular sieve for raw material ammonium salt solution, exchange times is 1~

    5 time, and exchange degree controls >

    =80%, the Na in molecular sieve2O weight content <


    (2) at 400~

    700 DEG C after ammonium salt exchange, carrying out hydrothermal treatment consists for the first time under 0.05~

    0.5MPa water vapor pressure, the process time is 1.0~

    6.0 hours;

    (3) molecular sieve after hydrothermal treatment consists carries out ammonium exchange for the first time, and regulates the pH=1.0~

    3.5 of serosity, and exchange removes the Na in molecular sieve+Carrying out chemical dealuminization reaction, ammonium salt solution exchange times can be 1~

    3 time simultaneously;

    (4) carrying out secondary hydrothermal treatment consists, heat treatment condition is temperature 550~

    800 DEG C, and water vapor pressure 0.05~

    1.0MPa, the process time is 2.0~

    10.0 hours;

    (5) for the second time after hydrothermal treatment consists, process with the rare earths salt that pH value is 3.0~

    5.5, while rare earth exchanged, remove non-framework aluminum, obtain final modified Y molecular sieve.

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