Production method of fireproofing flue and exhaust duct

Production method of fireproofing flue and exhaust duct

  • CN 102,875,110 A
  • Filed: 05/10/2012
  • Published: 01/16/2013
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/10/2012
  • Status: Active Application
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1. the production method of a fire-proof flue and exit duct is characterized in that:

  • comprise following raw material and parts by weight;

    Magnesium oxide 30-70 part;

    Magnesium chloride 5-13 part;

    B component 3-13 part;

    C component 1-5 part;

    Debris 10-40 part;

    Water is an amount of;

    Described B component is water-ground limestone and calcium sulfate;

    Described C component is vermiculite power, mica powder and titanium dioxide;

    Its production method may further comprise the steps;

    (1) raw material is prepared;

    with magnesium oxide, debris, in steel basin slurrying;

    (2) brewed brine;

    magnesium chloride, C component and suitable quantity of water in proportion in the adding halogen pond, are stirred, make saltwater brine;

    (3) mixed pulp;

    in mixing agitator, put into magnesium oxide and B component, with the agricultural material that the is processed into disentegrated particles saltwater brine that reinjects, perhaps add other material mixing after, mix pulping;

    (4) molding jig, size specification and shape molding according to user'"'"'s needs are lining with complex function cloth;

    (5) moulding;

    the 3rd mixed slurry that makes of step is put into forming machine pushes, be lining with complex function cloth, the die production on the rearmounted frame of moulding goes out primary products;

    (6) processing is brightened on maintenance and surface;

    the demoulding after the primary products maintenance, effects on surface is repaired, cutting, packing.

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