The drill insert that can be indexed

The drill insert that can be indexed

  • CN 102,886,550 B
  • Filed: 07/20/2012
  • Issued: 07/12/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/22/2011
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. one kind is dimetric to index drill insert (100), comprising:

  • Substantially flat top surface (101) and bottom surface (201), from four flank abutments of the drill bit empiecement (100) top tableThe side surface (102) in face and bottom surface (101 and

         201), the bottom surface (201) be less than the top surface (101) in order to provideA kind of positive cutting geometry;

    The four identical cutting edges (103) of the side surface (102) intersected with the top surface (101), each cutting edge (103)Include;

    One first part'"'"'s sword (104), what the axis (504) which is directed towards drill body (502) was inwardly directed;

    One second part sword (105), the second part sword directly from first part'"'"'s sword (104) extend and with surround the brillThe imaginary inscribed circle (301) of the central axis of head empiecement (100) is tangent;

    One Part III sword (106), from a transition portion sword, (107)s were parallel to drill insert to the Part III sword(100) it extends to central axis curved nose part (108), described second and the Part III sword (105 and

         106)It is linked together by a transition portion sword (107), which has one adjacent with the second part sword (105)A concave curve part (107a) and a convex curve part (107b) adjacent with the Part III sword (106);

    AndThere is the curved nose part (108) of predetermined radii, the bending in four corners of the drill bit empiecement (100)Nose part first part'"'"'s sword (104) of one cutting edge has been connect with the Part III sword (106) of the latter cutting edgeCome;

    A through-hole (109) at the center of the drill bit empiecement (100), top surface of the through-hole in the drill bit empiecement (100)(101) extend between bottom surface (201), for the drill bit empiecement (100) to be installed together with the drill bit ontology;

    AndOne chamfering (110), the chamfering are provided at the bottom margin of the drill bit empiecement (100),Wherein, first part'"'"'s sword (104) extends internally and the horizontal axis around second part sword (105) apart from drill insertRecently, andWherein, these part swords (104,105 and

         106) are linear, and wherein first part'"'"'s sword (104), second partSword (105) and Part III sword (106) relative to the drill bit empiecement horizontal axis with range from 0.5 °

    to 5 °

    , 5 °

    to 15 °

    And 0 °

    of angle tilt.

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