The selection of low temperature resistant dewaxing powder cucumber stock new varieties

The selection of low temperature resistant dewaxing powder cucumber stock new varieties

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  • Filed: 10/11/2012
  • Issued: 03/23/2016
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1. a selection for low temperature resistant dewaxing powder cucumber stock new varieties, it is characterized in that, step is as follows:

  • one, material collection;

    to collect based on Chinese type pumpkin material for screening;

    Two, screen;

    by material purifying, graft seedling growth, field planting, dewaxing powder four step screening dewaxing powder material, screening dewaxing powder material has 3 parts to be respectively little Calusena lansium pumpkin, early blue or green pumpkin, little casting skin pumpkin;

    Three, material combo;

    the dewaxing powder material filtered out is done total fertilization failure combo;

    Four, grafting field planting;

    acquisition F1 generation stock is combined in nursery at the beginning of 9 months, select excellent 35 cucumber in Tianjin to do scion, mid or late September is colonizated in survives the winter in greenhouse, and each combination must not be less than 120 strains, manages with general production field;

    Five, field investigation;

    each material field growing proterties of investigation contrast;

    Six, comprehensively analyze;

    combine screening step, first the material of dewaxing powder is selected, formulated product combination on this basis, according to hybrid vigour principle, select growth potential more vigorous, root system is low temperature resistant, and output is high, and the cucumber stock kind " little Calusena lansium X is early blue or green " that continuous seat melon ability is strong is the new varieties of seed selection;

    Material purifying in described screening step refers to plants collecting material, after 6-8 is for self cross and selection purifying, carry out grafting screening, is separated phenotype and all will retains;

    Graft seedling growth refers to takes method of plant propagation with cutting nursery, first broadcast stock material, after stock material all sprouts, sowing cucumber, cucumber variety should select close thorn type cucumber, until stock material one leaf wholeheartedly time, grafting when cucumber two panels cotyledon launches, calculate graft survival rate, attention can not make cucumber oneself root system kiss the earth, in order to avoid impact dewaxing powder effect;

    Field planting refers to and each kind is sequenced in district by row, each kind field planting at least 120 strain, if cucumber own-rooted tree in contrast field management with general production field;

    Dewaxing powder refers to the white wax powder that the cucumber of bearing after grafting is surperficial glossy compared with bearing cucumber with own-rooted tree, do not have own-rooted tree cucumber surface;

    Described field investigation step comprises low temperature resistant investigation, growth potential investigation classification, leaf color investigation classification, determination of yield;

    Described low temperature resistant investigation refers to when canopy room temperature reaches Growing season minimum point, and refer to survive the winter stubble cultivation, namely daytime 25-28 DEG C, during temperature 12-16 DEG C at night, more each kind material holder melon ability, low temperature resistant stock shows and can not only grow new blade fast, can also normal seat melon, normally gather;

    Described growth potential investigation classification refers to that the impetus is divided by force, stronger, general and weak level Four according to growing, and wherein refer to by force that cane is sturdy, blade is plump, and visible 3 cucumber raw, and growing point is strong, and cluster newborn blade and bud, disease-free;

    Refer to that more by force cane blade is healthy and strong, visible 2 cucumber raw, and growing point has blade and bud, disease-free or have fragmentary scab;

    Generally refer to that cane is comparatively thin, medium blade is large, only raw 1 cucumber, growing point is more weak, and blade has scab;

    Weakly refer to that cane is very thin, blade is thin and weak, without sugar-preserved gourd raw or unripe watermelon bar can not become commodity melon, growing point atrophy, disease is heavier;

    Described leaf color investigation classification refers to and divides dark green, green, light green three grades by leaf color;

    Described determination of yield refers to notes down each cucumber crop, and single receipts adopted by each combination of materials list, whole harvest time first three/mono-as early yield, rear 2/3rds make middle and later periods output.

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