Method for producing naphthalene-based superplasticizer by using H acid wastewater recovered solution

Method for producing naphthalene-based superplasticizer by using H acid wastewater recovered solution

  • CN 102,910,853 A
  • Filed: 08/03/2011
  • Published: 02/06/2013
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/03/2011
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1. method of utilizing H acid waste water reclamation liquid to produce naphthalene series high-efficiency water-reducing agent, described method comprises:

  • (1) H acid Wastewater Pretreatment;

    collect segregation T acid operation waste water and/or alkali fusion acid out operation waste water, separate organic phase and water with the extraction agent extraction or with resin absorption, isolated organic phase is stripped or desorption with the sodium hydroxide solution of mass concentration 3~

    30%, obtain strip liquor or desorption liquid, be described H acid waste water reclamation liquid, for subsequent use;

    (2) sulfonation;


    heat fused, temperature rise to 155 ±

    2 ℃

    , drip sulfuric acid, control 160~

    165 ℃

    of temperature and carry out sulfonation reaction 2~

    4 hours, get the sulfonation material, and NAPTHALENE FLAKES. (INDUSTRIAL GRADE) and

    sulfuric acid mol ratio are 1;



    (3) hydrolysis;

    the sulfonation temperature of charge is down to 120 ±

    2 ℃

    , and adding hydrolysis water to sulfonation material acidity is 22~

    32%, is hydrolyzed 0.5~

    1 hour;

    (4) condensation;

    measure the material total acidity after being hydrolyzed, continue to add condensation water and regulate material total acidity to 18~

    30%, be cooled to 105~

    108 ℃

    , drip formaldehyde and carry out condensation reaction, obtain the condensation material;

    Described beta-naphthalenesulfonic-acid and formaldehyde mole ratio=1;


    The described H acid of at least a part or all of usefulness in described hydrolysis water and condensation water waste water reclamation liquid substitutes;

    (5) neutralization;

    the condensation material is put into neutralising arrangement, be neutralized to PH to 7~

    9 with alkali lye, neutralization namely obtains the liquid naphthalene water reducer after finishing, and further drying obtains the naphthalene series high-efficiency water-reducing agent powder product;

    Described alkali lye is sodium hydroxide solution, sodium hydrogen carbonate solution, sodium carbonate solution or liming.

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