A kind of process for tea manufacture

A kind of process for tea manufacture

  • CN 102,919,394 B
  • Filed: 10/26/2012
  • Issued: 03/02/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/26/2012
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1. a process for tea manufacture, is characterized in that:

  • comprise the following steps,A, harvesting tea tree point solely bud, obtain only young tea leaves leaf;

    B, wither, spread by certain thickness by the fresh leaf under adopting, by airing, make fresh leaf present wilted condition, fresh leaf withering time is 15 hours;

    C, roll pot, at normal temperatures the tealeaves rolling and rotating manipulation after withering is fermented 2 hours;

    D, bamboo basket ferment, and step C are rolled the dress of the tealeaves after pot pocket and in bamboo basket, control indoor temperature carry out fermentation 15-19 hour in 20-22 degree Celsius range, when tealeaves own temperature arrival 28-38 degree Celsius;

    Rose scent is can be made into, yesterday odor type, orchid odor type by different fermentation times;

    E, to complete, the tealeaves after fermentation is put into the pot that completes, destroy and oxidase active in the fresh leaf of passivation at high temperature 200-260 degree Celsius range, suppress the enzymatic oxidation of the Tea Polyphenols in fresh leaf, evaporate fresh leaf portion of water, make tealeaves deliquescing;

    The vexed green grass or young crops of F, bamboo basket, is placed into the vexed green grass or young crops of bamboo basket by the tealeaves after completing in step e, the odor type of reservation control fermentation 2 hours;

    G, shaping, be put in carding machine by the tealeaves of vexed for step F bamboo basket green grass or young crops and formalize, its temperature controls at 80-100 degree Celsius range, and the time is 30 minutes;

    H, cooling depilation, to be put in carding machine polishing 2 hours by the tealeaves after the setting in step G;

    I, oven dry, the control temperature in curer of the tealeaves in step H after polishing, at 90 degrees Celsius, cures 40 minutes;

    J, Titian, carry out the Titian process of lower 10 minutes of 120 degrees Celsius of environment by the tealeaves of drying in step I;

    K, polishing, by the tealeaves cooling after Titian in step J, carry out polishing process in 1 hour by carding machine.

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