biopsy device, system and method

biopsy device, system and method

  • CN 102,961,168 B
  • Filed: 12/11/2007
  • Issued: 10/10/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/13/2006
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1. a kind of biopsy device, wherein the biopsy device includes:

  • (a) main body;

    (b) pin, the pin includes outer tube, and the outer tube has the tissue penetration point and close tissue that can be inserted into tissue blockThe transverse opening of puncture tip, the outer tube includes the wall for separating the first cavity segment with the second cavity segment, wherein the wall hasHave and pass through the multiple openings to be formed, wherein the pin is distally extending relative to the main body;

    (c) cutter in the first cavity segment of the outer tube is arranged on, the cutter can revolve in the outer tubeTurn and translate to cut away the tissue protruded by the transverse opening, wherein the cutter can be limited around the cutterFore-aft axis, the cutter can along the cutter limit longitudinal axis move;

    (d) cutter rotation and translation mechanism, the cutter rotation and translation mechanism includes:

    (i) sleeve of the cutter is integrally fixed to, wherein the sleeve includes having externally threaded Part I and toolThere is outerplanar Part II,(ii) nut being connected with the main body, wherein the nut, which has, is configured to what is combined with the external screw thread of the sleeveInternal thread, the cutter longitudinal translation is made when the Part I of the sleeve rotates in the nut, wherein in describedScrew thread and the external screw thread have the complementary fine pitch for providing about 40 screw threads of per inch to about 50 screw threads,(iii) first gear slided on the Part II of the sleeve, wherein the first gear has inner plane, whereinThe inner plane of the first gear is configured to engage with the outerplanar of the sleeve, the rotation of the first gear is caused instituteSleeve rotating is stated, wherein the first gear is configured to the Part II longitudinal translation along the sleeve.

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