Food allergens, method of detecting food allergens and method of detecting food allergy-inducing foods

Food allergens, method of detecting food allergens and method of detecting food allergy-inducing foods

  • CN 102,993,299 B
  • Filed: 09/05/2002
  • Issued: 04/12/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/05/2001
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1. the mixtures of antibodies of detached polyclonal rabbit serum, its following day being capable of identify that by the serum that specific recognition is collectedThe rabbit antibody composition of right and heat denatured food anaphylaxiss stock blend, the serum that the mixtures of antibodies identification collects can be knownOther following natural and heat denatured food anaphylaxiss stock blend, but the serum that collects of the nonrecognition also not mistake of specific recognitionQuick stock blend, wherein, it by RAST i.e. radioallergosorbent test scoring is 2 or higher that the serum that collects is, i.e., specificallyProperty IgE antibody>

  • The serum equivalent for obtaining in patient body of 0.7 UA/ml is mixed and prepared, and the patient is because intakeFood comprising following allergenic components and cause the anaphylaxis patient of allergy, the allergenic components are as follows:

    (1) ovalbumin in egg, ovomucoid, lysozyme and ovotransferrin;

    (2) casein in milk, beta lactoglobulin and alpha lactalbumin;

    (3) gliadin and alpha-amylase inhibitor in Semen Tritici aestivi;

    (4) 132-kDa, 84-kDa, 27-kDa and 11-kDa material of Semen Fagopyri Esculenti;

    Or(5) 107-kDa, 72-kDa, 35-kDa and 28-kDa material of Semen arachidis hypogaeae,The food anaphylaxiss stock blend is prepared by the following method:


    SDS-PAGE is carried out to composition of food, and is transferred on film,(


    Western blot analysis are carried out using film, the patients serum for collecting, the coupled antibody of anti human IgE and colour reagent,(


    Entered using film, rabbit anteserum prepared by composition of food immunity rabbit, the antibody of anti-rabbit IgG being coupled and colour reagentRow Western blot analysis, then(






    The Western blot analysis collection of illustrative plates of the two, determines(


    In do not exist and(


    In depositBand molecular size, that is, determine the molecular size of many kinds of substance that the IgE of food allergy patient can not be recognized, and(


    According to the above results, by gel permeation chromatography separate from composition of food food allergy patient IgE antibody andVarious food anaphylaxiss stock blends that rabbit antibody can be recognized.

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