Industrial production method of instant crawfishes

Industrial production method of instant crawfishes

  • CN 103,054,085 A
  • Filed: 01/22/2013
  • Published: 04/24/2013
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/22/2013
  • Status: Active Application
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1. the industrialized preparing process of an instant type cray is characterized in that, concrete production operation step is as follows:

  • (1) selects materials;

    select individual active, shrimp shell face look bright-coloured glossiness fresh and alive lobster, reject black, that peculiar smell, agricultural chemicals flavor are arranged shrimp and dead shrimp, select materials by grader, selecting individual less 25-35g/ cray only is that the raw material shrimp is processed;

    (2) clean;

    the fresh and alive cray behind the select is washed under water under high pressure, remove silt and impurity on the shrimp body, put into again on the cleaning machine with rolling brush and spray head, repeatedly scrub with the clear water that flows, the outside of belly that is difficult for clean shrimp, large chela are manually mended brush;

    (3) the shrimp line of decaptitating;

    manual head capsule and the shrimp line of removing cray, do not take shrimp and belly first segment shrimp shell during operation out of;

    Flushing once drains again;

    (4) fried;

    adopt continuous fryer, the shrimp after draining the water is fried in salad oil, and frying temperature is 140 ℃

    -150 ℃

    , fried time 20-30s, takes on a red color to the shrimp surface;

    (5) do stir-fry system;

    in full-automatic stirring griddle, put in proportion vegetable oil, auxiliary and condiment, stir-fry perfume (or spice) before stewing, pour again cray after fried and an amount of salt into, stir-fry 9-11 minute, crisp sense is arranged to the surface, transfer again a little chickens'"'"' extract and sesame oil to stir-fry before stewing again 2-3 minute, wherein in the cray of 1000 weight portions, vegetable oil 95-100 part of adding, auxiliary and condiment 290-300 part, salt 15-20 part, chickens'"'"' extract 2-3 part, sesame oil 5-6 part;

    (6) mounted box;

    on proportioning device, ripe shrimp packed in the food grade plastic box, add a cover the non-toxic plastic cardboard, be inserted in again in the polybag;

    (7) sterilization;

    the shrimp after will packing is placed on the microwave vacuum sterilization machine, microwave frequency 2400MHz, sterilizing time 4-5 minute, 2 minutes sterilization later stages, carries out simultaneously vacuum packaging;

    (8) cooling refrigeration;

    the vacuum packaging bag that ripe shrimp will be housed is sent into rapidly the freezer cooling, reinstalls in the outer packaging bag, in the freezer that is housed in behind the plastic-coated paper case packing below 5 ℃


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