Process for producing citric acid caseins by using yak milk dregs as raw materials

Process for producing citric acid caseins by using yak milk dregs as raw materials

  • CN 103,073,630 A
  • Filed: 01/23/2013
  • Published: 05/01/2013
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/23/2013
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1. one kind take the technique of yak milk slag as the raw material to produce citric acid casein food grade, it is characterized in that step is as follows:

  • (1) from yak milk, behind the extraction butter, after fermentation, cohesion and precipitation, squeezes and the slag raw material of must suckling;

    (2) the slag raw material of will suckling adds in 40 ℃

    of water, adds concentration again and is 7.5% sodium hydroxide solution to compound pH value in water and reach 9.6, is heated to 55 ℃

    , adds colour protecting agent, dissolve 40-60 minute, dissolves end;

    (3) with the visible impurity of lysate process reciprocating sieve filtering naked eyes, separate with separating centrifuge again, the filtering fine impurities, the control flow is no more than 6000 kg/hours;

    (4) step (3) gained filtrate is carried out centrifugal degreasing with separating centrifuge again, the control flow is no more than 3000 kg/hours, except degrease and impurity;

    (5) step (4) gained filtrate obtains the feed liquid of killing microorganisms 90 ℃

    95 ℃

    lower maintenances 2~

    8 seconds;

    (6) after being cooled to 40~

    43 ℃

    , feed temperature enters sour cylinder, stir, treat sour cylinder edge lather collapse, when temperature is down to 40~

    42 ℃

    , slowly adding degree Beaume is citric acid accent pH to 3.8~

    4.1 of 2.8-3.4,8-12 minute acid adding time, acid adding leaves standstill 20~

    30min after finishing, and makes the abundant coagulative precipitation of casein;

    (7) throw out cleans 1 time with 40 ℃

    of warm water, sloughs lactose;

    Clean 1 time with cold water again, slough whey;

    (8) dewater with plate-and-frame filter press, the spiral pump flow is not less than 7000 kg/hours, and filter cloth density is 750B, and moisture takes off to 30%;

    (9) make granulator with 10 purposes and carry out the material granulation;

    (10) material of granulation is poured into suction type fluidized drying case, descended dry 40-50 minute at 60 ℃


    (11) dry later product pulverize, screening, classification, the qualified finished product that is of quality inspection.

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