Imaging modules and mobile equipment for mobile iris identification equipment

Imaging modules and mobile equipment for mobile iris identification equipment

  • CN 103,152,517 B
  • Filed: 02/06/2013
  • Issued: 06/22/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/06/2013
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1. a kind of imaging modules for mobile iris identification equipment, the imaging modules include microscope base and from bottom to top according toThe secondary image acquiring sensor being embedded on the microscope base, double optical-filter switchers, lens group and and described image sensorConnected flexible connector,Wherein described image acquisition sensor is embedded in the bottom of the microscope base in a manner of inlaying, and described image sensor usesThe mode and microscope base of gluing link together, and further include and are clapped with the integral structure of the imaging modules for near-infrared irisThe near-infrared LED taken the photograph;

  • Double optical-filter switchers are located above image acquiring sensor, are fixed on microscope base by adhesive means, described doubleFor optical-filter switcher thickness in the range of 1mm-3mm, double optical-filter switchers include two tablet filters, respectively infrared lightPass filter and visible ray pass filter, infrared light pass filter allow 800nm-900nm light waves to pass through, infrared light pass filterThickness range with visible ray pass filter is 0.1mm-5mm;

    Double optical-filter switcher internal edge position setting motors, provide optical filter electrodynamic type switch mode or doubleMechanical switching switch on optical-filter switcher is set, optical filter manual switching pattern is provided;

    The connector and image acquiring sensor, the built-in motor of double optical-filter switchers, the driving circuit phase of voice coil motorEven, flexible circuit can be used in the connector, and in the form of ZIF or BTB plates connect imaging sensor and central processing to plate formDevice;

    Hardboard pattern can also be used in the connector, is integrated in the imaging sensor bottom of imaging modules, imaging modules are welded onIn the mainboard of mobile equipment;

    The connector is used for transporting through the lens group and the described image acquisition collected iris image of sensor,It either transmits switch-over control signal that the central processing unit of mobile equipment sends to double optical-filter switchers or transmission is moved and setThe central processing unit of the mobile equipment of focus control signals or transmission that standby central processing unit is sent to lens group is to voice coil horseThe drive signal transmitted up to driving circuit;

    The lens group is located at the top of the microscope base, by the microscope base material surround, be set as fixed-focus camera module, two gradesOne kind of zoom camera module, automatic focusing camera module or optical zoom camera module, the fixed-focus camera module or two gradesZoom camera module is fixed on the microscope base, and automatic focusing camera module or optical zoom camera module are fixed on voice coil motorIn, wherein in voice coil motor insertion microscope base;

    By being made from least one of resin lens or glass lens, the resin lens use to be molded, is non-the lens groupSpherical surface technology is molded, and wherein equivalent focal length range is between 2mm-15mm, and the thickness of imaging modules is between 4mm-20mm.

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