• CN 1,031,747 A
  • Filed: 09/01/1987
  • Published: 03/15/1989
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/01/1987
  • Status: Abandoned Application
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1. , moving forever , the particularly eternal automatic imbibition of vacuum , it is characterized in that:

  • this Be by a vacuum energy spring (being called for short vacuum spring), control gate, valve, advance, liquid-discharging tube, block set, irritating liquid device and filtrating equipment forms, it be utilize natural material natural force (as the pressure of atmosphere, the gravitation of the earth, the pressure of liquid etc.) and the interaction force and the natural law that Water seeks its own level, take with the potential energy converting and energy of liquid is the method manufacturing vacuum of kinetic energy, with the vacuum again Jie'"'"'s power, make atmosphere, liquid (feed liquor and discharge opeing), the earth becomes closely-related organic connections, and from the uneven condition of solid-state lever;

    power * power arm ≠

    resistance * resistance arm is extended in liquid deflector, then liquid inlet pipe is crossed appearance Minute water on limit (or frame is fitted high point in addition) (or day lofty perch) is called fulcrum [53], be called resistance arm with fulcrum to the feed liquor mouth of pipe, be power arm and adorn a vacuum spring in this arm section and just equal to have increased a big counterweight with fulcrum to the discharge opeing mouth of pipe, if this resistance arm is A, power arm is B, big counterweight (vacuum spring) is C, and B+C>

    A, even many times of ground are greater than A, then the internal volume of B+C will be more than the internal volume of A, many more heavy more, strength is also just big more, the merit that the internal volume of A is had easy (suction), the internal volume of A serves as resistance in the resistance arm section on the fulcrum left side, in case striding across fulcrum enters power arm and has just become new power, volume within the resistance arm section is applied new active force (pulling force), go into after going out before can occurring by that analogy, metabolism, draw liquid with liquid, the autonomy of relying on oneself, realization is aspirated multiple liquid, reaches the purpose of eternal automatic naturally work done.

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