A kind of device that effect to optical fiber is modeled, for planning the device by photodynamic therapy to the disposal of patient

A kind of device that effect to optical fiber is modeled, for planning the device by photodynamic therapy to the disposal of patient

  • CN 103,189,106 B
  • Filed: 09/06/2011
  • Issued: 06/05/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/07/2010
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1. the device that a kind of effect to optical fiber (4) is modeled, the optical fiber (4) is used in through photodynamic therapy to patientDisposal in so as to irradiate the disposal area with intubating length of the pre-defined wavelength in disposal area inner fiber, so as to swashIt is living bestow to the patient and appear in that disposal area before the photoactive substance that defines, the optical fiber be with instituteIt states and is characterized in that on the direction of the axis oriented normal of optical fiber with the optical fiber of the type of maximal density transmitting light, described device:

  • It is wrappedThe first module is included, for passing through the basic theory acting body of the volume pair of the cylinder optical fiber combined with the photoactive substanceProduct is modeled, the cylinder have operating radius R and with the intubating length corresponding length L, and described deviceIt is characterized in that determining (140) described operating radius R by the following module in described device:

    - the second module, for by be directed to each patient the first digital document of database purchase, the second digital document and withThe corresponding parameter set of actual conditions of the clinical test, according to using the photosensitive agent associated at least one optical fiberMultiple clinical tests structure (110) Computer Database of matter on different patients, each clinical test and clinical is tried with describedThe corresponding parameter set of physical condition tested is associated, and the parameter set include at least use optical fiber quantity, theyIt is described compared with the position of brachytherapy grid (1) and the intubating length of each optical fiber in the disposal areaFirst digital document is corresponding with a series of digital pictures of the disposal area before the clinical test, second numberFile is corresponding with a series of digital pictures in the region after the clinical test;

    - the three module, for according to first digital document and the second digital document, for each trouble in the databasePerson, the volume of the actual necrotic zone during measurement (120) described clinical test;

    - the four module, for being directed to each patient in the database, according to the parameter set and each optical fiberBasic theory effect volume calculates (130) premier opinion effect volume;

    - the five module will be directed to premier opinion effect volume and the institute that each patient in the database calculates for passing throughState the operating radius R for measuring volume correlation, determining (140) optical fiber of actual necrotic zone.

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