Asynchronously-started permanent magnetic synchronous tractor for elevator

Asynchronously-started permanent magnetic synchronous tractor for elevator

  • CN 103,193,143 A
  • Filed: 04/15/2013
  • Published: 07/10/2013
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/15/2013
  • Status: Active Application
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1. be used for the permanent magnetic synchronous traction machine of the asynchronous starting of cage lifter, it is characterized in that, comprising:

  • Machine shaft, it is rotating axle, this length can be held the traction element that is flats for the traction transmission at least;

    Be sheathed on the described machine shaft and with the synchronous rotor rotated of this machine shaft, this rotor further includes the permanent magnet that synchronous speed magnetic field is provided and the starting winding of asynchronous starting torque is provided;

    Be sheathed on described epitrochanterian stator, this stator further includes stator core and the winding that rotating field is provided;

    The motor housing that holds described rotor and stator;

    Be located at the drg of described machine shaft outward, in order to suppress the rotation of described machine shaft;

    AndMachine frame, it further comprises the bearing seat of the paired setting of supporting described machine shaft, described bearing seat provides respectively the surface that is connected that links to each other with described motor housing and drg.

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