Identity verification system and identity verification method based on dynamic password voice

Identity verification system and identity verification method based on dynamic password voice

  • CN 103,220,286 A
  • Filed: 04/10/2013
  • Published: 07/24/2013
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1. identification confirmation system based on the dynamic password voice is characterized in that:

  • it comprises request receiver module, dynamic password generation modules, password acoustics HMM generation module, confidence calculations module, claimant'"'"'s identity validation module, wherein;

    This asks receiver module, is used for after the claimant successfully logins via user side, receives the identity validation request about this claimant that this user side sends to this server end;

    This dynamic password generation modules is used for after this request receiver module receives this claimant'"'"'s identity validation request, generates a dynamic password and this password is sent to this user side with textual form;

    This password acoustics HMM generation module is used for based on user'"'"'s character sound bank, goes out password acoustics HMM about this claimant by global character acoustics HMM adaptive training;

    This confidence calculations module, be used for the password voice signal that sends based on this user side about this claimant, this password acoustics HMM by this global character acoustics HMM and this claimant, calculate this claimant'"'"'s the comprehensive confidence level CL of identity, wherein;

    this password that demonstrates with textual form that this password voice signal receives according to this user side for this claimant is captured by this user side when reading this password;

    This claimant'"'"'s identity validation module is used for the comprehensive confidence level CL of identity by this claimant who calculates, and this claimant'"'"'s identity is judged, the identity validation result is fed back to this user side.

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