Wind-powered water-lifting anti-clogging gravity type underground drip irrigation system

Wind-powered water-lifting anti-clogging gravity type underground drip irrigation system

  • CN 103,222,412 A
  • Filed: 04/26/2013
  • Published: 07/31/2013
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/26/2013
  • Status: Active Application
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1. water pumping of the wind-force anti-clogging gravity type underground drip irrigation system, it is characterized in that:

  • comprise water pumping of the wind-force, transmission ﹠

    distribution water, four parts of intermittent water application and voltage-controlled irrigator, the transmission ﹠

    distribution water section is by last water conduit tube, filter, main sewer, arm and hollow billet are formed, the water side of water pumping of the wind-force part is connected with tank upper hose (21-1) with filter by last water conduit tube, some hollow billet is connected with tank downcomer (21-3) with main sewer by arm, the intermittent water application part is by tank (21), tank upper hose (21-1), tank delivery port (21-2), tank downcomer (21-3), ball float (22-1), energy-storaging spring (22-2), spherical valve body (22-3), stable steering bar (22-4) and stable steering hammer (22-5) are formed, the top of the tank of being placed perpendicular to horizontal plane up by the high drum shape mouth of frame (21) is equipped with tank upper hose (21-1), the delivery port of tank upper hose (21-1) down, the unsettled placement of sidewall near tank (21), the bottom centre of tank (21) is provided with the tank delivery port (21-2) of the circle of level, under be connected with tank downcomer (21-3) perpendicular to horizontal plane, tank delivery port (21-2) is provided with the inclined-plane of similar funnel, the curvature of the curvature on this inclined-plane and spherical valve body (22-3) is agreed with, be fixed with energy-storaging spring (22-2) under the ball float (22-1), be fixed with the spherical valve body of making by elastomeric material (22-3) under the energy-storaging spring (22-2), be fixed with stable steering bar (22-4) under the spherical valve body (22-3), the stable steering that is fixed with bottom of stable steering bar (22-4) is hammered (22-5) into shape, stable steering bar (22-4) and stable steering hammer (22-5) are down in the tank downcomer (21-3), the last discharge of tank upper hose (21-1) will be far smaller than the water flow of tank downcomer (21-3), the diameter of spherical valve body (22-3) is greater than the internal diameter of tank downcomer (21-3), voltage-controlled irrigator is by irrigator base (1), irrigator connection-peg (1-1), irrigator delivery port (1-2), barrier film (2), barrier film ripple (2-1), mediation pin (2-2), back-moving spring (2-3), irrigator top cover (3) and packing ring (4) are formed, irrigator connection-peg (1-1) is positioned at a side of irrigator base (1), irrigator connection-peg (1-1) is provided with barb, be connected by the hollow billet of microtubule with the transmission ﹠

    distribution water section, the central hollow taper that irrigator delivery port (1-2) is positioned at irrigator base (1) is the top of protuberance upwards, irrigator delivery port (1-2) be infundibulate and opening up, the center of barrier film (2) is thick, to edge attenuation gradually, be provided with barrier film ripple (2-1) near outer rim, the center is provided with mediation pin (2-2), the needle point of mediation pin (2-2) is towards irrigator base (1) one side, face the center of the funnel shaped irrigator delivery port (1-2) of below, the top of mediation pin (2-2) is cylindrical, diameter is slightly less than the base diameter of funnel shaped irrigator delivery port (1-2), the center of barrier film (2) has an external diameter to be slightly less than the solid column-shaped projection of back-moving spring (2-3) internal diameter with respect to the opposite side of mediation pin (2-2), back-moving spring (2-3) is installed on the column-shaped projection, there is hollow cylindrical protuberance upwards in the centre of irrigator top cover (3), the internal diameter of cylindrical protuberance is slightly larger than the external diameter of back-moving spring (2-3), back-moving spring (2-3) is a cylindrical spring, being used for barrier film (2) resets, irrigator top cover (3) is connected with irrigator base (1) by screw thread, the space that barrier film (2) surrounds irrigator base (1) and irrigator top cover (3) is separated into two parts up and down, the bottom is divided into irrigator water filling cavity (5), top is divided into irrigator air chamber (6), the packing ring of therebetween annular (4) is used for sealing, when irrigator water filling cavity (5) when being in passive state, the bottom that funnel shaped irrigator delivery port (1-2) is inserted at the top of mediation pin (2-2), irrigator base (1), barrier film (2), irrigator top cover (3), packing ring (4), irrigator delivery port (1-2), mediation pin (2-2), the geometric figure of the horizontal cross-section of irrigator water filling cavity (5) and irrigator air chamber (6) is all circular concentric.

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