A kind of utilization of resources of livestock breeding wastewater and cyclic utilization method

A kind of utilization of resources of livestock breeding wastewater and cyclic utilization method

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  • Filed: 06/27/2013
  • Issued: 10/14/2015
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1. the utilization of resources of livestock breeding wastewater and a cyclic utilization method, it comprises the following steps:

  • (1) anaerobic digestion methane productionLivestock breeding wastewater enters anaerobic pond after being collected by pipeline, in anaerobic pond, under anerobe, the hold concurrently absorption of oxygen bacterium, fermentation, methane phase acting in conjunction, organic substance decomposing is become methane and carbon dioxide, improved the B/C value of waste water by anaerobic treatment, improve the biodegradability of waste water;

    The methane and carbon dioxide produced collects to obtain biogas by gas collector;

    (2) remove the gredLivestock breeding wastewater after anaerobic treatment enters grating tank through row of conduits, carry out isolation to cursory thing thick in waste water remove and collect ight soil slag, to prevent follow-up treatment facility blocking, waste water after grating tank process, flow into equalizing tank, in equalizing tank, carry out water quality, runoff investigation, and precipitation is separated;

    (3) ammonia nitrogen removalEqualizing tank water outlet flows into ammonia nitrogen removal system through pipeline, and waste water is through the process of ammonia nitrogen removal system, and the clearance of ammonia nitrogen reaches 50 ~ 90%;

    (4) BAF is biochemicalWaste water after the process of ammonia nitrogen removal system enters BAF, is purified waste water by oxidation degradation effect, removes COD, SS, ammonia nitrogen and phosphorus further, is purified waste water;

    (5) electrolysis machine sterilizationWaste water is after BAF biochemical treatment, water outlet is disinfected through electrolysis machine again, colourity can be removed further, and sterilization and disinfection is carried out to waste water obtain reuse water and be collected in pond, 60 ~ 80% for plant'"'"'s cycling use of water, 20 ~ 40% qualified discharges, the adjacent two interelectrode voltages of the electrolysis machine of described electrosterilization are 2 ~ 12V, current density is 10 ~ 320mA/cm2, electrolysis machine is provided with power supply and electrolyzer, electrode in described electrolyzer is nano-catalytic noble electrode, the top layer of described nano-catalytic noble electrode is coated with the metal oxide inertia catalyst coatings that crystal grain is 10 ~ 35nm, the substrate of described nano-catalytic noble electrode is titanium plate or plastic plate,(6) fertilizer manufactureThe mud of the slag of step (2) and equalizing tank and step (4) BAF biochemical treatment generation all enters sludge sump by pipeline, then the dehydration through sludge filter press obtains dewatered sludge, the mud obtained and stalk, the chaff of grain processing, the grouts mixing secondary fermentation of Oil processing are obtained organic fertilizer, then adds composite fertilizer and step (3) gained denitrogenation precipitates to obtain compoiste fertilizer.

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