A kind of processing method of built-up sectional material of percolation-proof

A kind of processing method of built-up sectional material of percolation-proof

  • CN 103,352,635 B
  • Filed: 07/16/2013
  • Issued: 09/23/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/16/2013
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1. a processing method for the built-up sectional material of percolation-proof, it comprises the following steps:

  • Section bar (1) and right side section bar (2) on the left of machine-shaping, left side section bar (1) and the forward surface of right side section bar (2) form at least two outstanding connection ends (4) respectively, to form one group of holding tank (5) extended along profile length direction, described connection end (4) head wide and tail narrow, holding tank (5) bottom width mouth is narrow;

    In the holding tank (5) of left side section bar (1), wear the connection strap (3) of nonmetallic tabular along profile length direction, make connection strap (3) one end be arranged in holding tank (5), the other end exposes to holding tank (5);

    Connection strap (3) is prefabricated into the narrow tabular in wide centre, two ends, its end and holding tank (5) form fit;

    The exposed junction of connection strap (3) is located in along profile length direction in the holding tank (5) on right side section bar (2), left and right side section bar is linked together, the gap of reserved 0.6 ~ 1mm between the end of described connection strap (3) and holding tank (5) by connection strap (3);

    With roller, connection end topmost and connection end are bottom exerted pressure, make it that deformation inwardly curved occur, connection strap (3) is locked in holding tank (5);

    Roller comprises section bar transfer device and press nips, and the section bar of compacting reaches between pinch roller according to profile length direction by section bar transfer device, and section bar is sent after exerting pressure continuously to connection end (4) by pinch roller;

    At the upside juncture area of left and right side section bar and connection strap (3), along profile length direction by the thermosetting resin adhesive (6) of glue-injection machine continuous pouring liquid state, during pouring liquid glue, take gum outlet as basic point, along profile length direction feeding section bar, the gum outlet of glue-injection machine, gel quantity and the position of juncture area that need fill and lead up and volume adapt;

    Make thermosetting resin adhesive (6) fill and lead up juncture area, and solidify.

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