Drug cutter device and automatic medicament packing machine with described device

Drug cutter device and automatic medicament packing machine with described device

  • CN 103,359,335 B
  • Filed: 03/26/2013
  • Issued: 09/17/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/26/2012
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a kind of for the drug cutter device of drug to be cut and be discharged when moving a piece of drug every time, which is characterized in that packetIt includes:

  • The first component is parallel to the direction of supply drug and disposes;

    Second component faces the first component, wherein the drug is placed in the first component and the second componentBetween;

    AndLatch plate, the latch plate are leaf spring, are placed on the two sides of the first component, are placed in the same of the drugSide provides the area for disposing the drug, and allow shape distortion, the top table of the latch plate perpendicular to the first componentFace is greater than or equal to the top of the first component;

    Hang plate favours the direction for supplying the drug and disposes;

    Baffle, installing are moved on the hang plate to move on the direction perpendicular to the hang plate for preventingThe drug;

    Retention member, for holding the drug prevented by the baffle from left and right side, wherein the institute pairs of for left and rightRetention member is stated to be configured to move on the hang plate on direction opposite each other;

    Range sensor, for measuring the distance between the retention member when holding the drug from left and right side;

    WithAndController, the controller, which is used to work as, to be examined in the continuously n-th cutting operation of cutting processing procedure by the range sensorThe distance between the retention member measured is different from being detected in (n-1) secondary cutting operation by the range sensorBetween the retention member apart from when, the drug is discharged in the case where not cutting the drug,Wherein the drug is placed on the top surface of the latch plate, and in the second component relative to the fixationThe first component move back and forth or the first component moves back and forth or described the relative to the second component of the fixationOne component and the second component are cut when moving back and forth simultaneously on closer to each other or separate direction,Wherein the baffle is moved up from the hang plate to prevent the drug slid along the hang plate, and has been worked asAt the drug is cut, the baffle is moved down.

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