Preparation method of kudzu root plant beverage

Preparation method of kudzu root plant beverage

  • CN 103,371,397 A
  • Filed: 04/28/2012
  • Published: 10/30/2013
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/28/2012
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1. the preparation method of a kudzuvine root plant drink is characterized in that, described kudzuvine root plant drink prepares by the following method:

  • 1) soak;

    will screen the clean root of kudzu vine and be immersed in the water, wherein root of kudzu vine interpolation part by weight is 1%-5%, and all the other are water;

    The temperature of water is controlled at the 70-90 degree, and soak time is controlled at 30-60 minute;

    Timing agitation between soak period fully absorbs water the root of kudzu vine;

    2) boil extraction 2 times;

    for the first time, to boiling, it was boiled 30 minutes water temp. heating, drench juice;

    For the second time, amount of water is 50-100 times of root of kudzu vine weight, to boiling, it is boiled 20 minutes water temp. heating, drenches juice;

    3) drenching juice filters;

    the root of kudzu vine is drenched juice pass through strainer filtering;

    4) with

         3) in juice mix and to stir evenly, the juice addition is 40%-60%, add by weight proportion concentrated Wild Jujube Juice 3%-8%, concentrated apple juice 2%-7%, making vinegar 2%-8%, honey 0.05%-4%, anticorrisive agent 0.04%-0.05%, sweetener 0.025%-0.028%, acidity regulator 0.1%-0.3%, flavorant 0.005%-0.02%;

    5) sterilization;

    the feed liquid that will convert stirs and is warming up to the 90-95 degree, is incubated 30 minutes;

    6) can;

    the feed liquid of good heat insulation is squeezed into holding vessel carry out hot filling.

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