Multifunctional soft wall base material production process and formula

Multifunctional soft wall base material production process and formula

  • CN 103,375,003 A
  • Filed: 07/17/2013
  • Published: 10/30/2013
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/17/2013
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1. one kind " multifunctional soft wall base material " production technology and prescription, comprise production technology and coating formula, it is characterized in that:

  • described coating formula comprise surface layer (T1) PU layer, two layers (low foaming layer) (T2), three layers (adhesive layer, low foaming layer) (T3) form the front base cloth of base cloth and base cloth bottom surface layer (alveolar layer occurred frequently) (T4);

    This base material is produced in by the new technology of transforming on traditional release liners production line basis (seeing soft wall base material process chart), carrier Z is release liners, whole base material is loaded on the release liners to be processed, ZA is that release liners unreels, ZB is the release liners storage shelf, release liners is coated with (prescription P1) as surface layer through being coated with platform T1, enter the H1 oven dry, and the rear L1 of mistake cools off;

    Enter and be coated with platform T2 and be coated with (prescription P2) as two layers, enter the H2 oven dry, cross the L2 cooling afterwards;

    Enter T3 after the cooling and be coated with platform (prescription P3) as three layers (adhesive layers), put on the P3 layer by the BF glass-fiber-fabric after the coating, enter the H3 oven dry, the rear L3 of mistake cools off, enter again T4 and be coated with (prescription P4), enter baking oven H4 foaming, simultaneously coating P2, P3, P4 are foamed, P2, P3 are high-foaming for low foaming, P4, enter the Y(nip drum after foaming is finished) plane is flattened, cross L4 cooling, in n place and rolling after release liners Z separates, release liners ZB rolling.

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