A kind of video camera and safety protection method thereof

A kind of video camera and safety protection method thereof

  • CN 103,391,426 B
  • Filed: 07/10/2013
  • Issued: 09/21/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/10/2013
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1. a video camera, it is characterised in that including:

  • Camera lens, described camera lens is electrically connected with DSP image processor, described DSP image processor electrically connects with following MCU master controller, described DSP image processor is for receiving the image of the monitoring environment that described camera lens shoots at different time, and generated 3 D stereoscopic image, it is judged that whether monitoring environment exists suspect object;

    MCU master controller, described MCU master controller is electrically connected with human perception sensor and distance detection sensor, described MCU master controller electrically connects with following rotary system and warning system the most respectively, and controls described rotary system and described warning system according to described human perception sensor and the described testing result of distance detection sensor and the processing result image of described DSP image processor;

    Rotary system, described rotary system is used for rotating described camera lens, with reference object panorama;

    Warning system, described warning system, for when there is suspect object, is sent alarm signal by warning system described in described MCU main controller controls;

    Acquisition system, described acquisition system is the image information of fixing movable personnel in gathering described camera lens monitoring region;

    Storage system, described storage system is used for storing described acquisition system acquired image information;

    Also include;

    The system of hiding, described hiding system is for hiding described camera lens to avoid it to be attacked by suspect object;

    Conversion system, described conversion system is for carrying out replacing to avoid it to be attacked by suspect object by described camera lens.

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