Improvements in the manufacturing of stacks of multiplayer plastic laminates for printed circuits

Improvements in the manufacturing of stacks of multiplayer plastic laminates for printed circuits

  • CN 103,392,385 A
  • Filed: 03/09/2012
  • Published: 11/13/2013
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/13/2012
  • Status: Active Application
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1. one kind is used for by the method for following steps manufacturing for the combination plastics laminate of printed circuit:

  • a) structure is called as the heap (20) of the single combination plastics laminate of bag (21), described single combination plastics laminate and dividing plate (26) are alternately, described dividing plate heat conduction but electric insulation, each bag (21) includes metallized dielectric layer at least one face, the layer (22 of described dielectric layer and pre-preg adhesive,

         24) alternately, two outermost layers of each bag form by the appropriate section of at least one metal tape (25), described metal tape preferably is made of copper and along opposite direction, repeats folding 180 °

    , ring-shaped article with formation dish snake shape, described ring-shaped article intersects methodically with described heap on the whole height of described heap (20),b) pressure of controlled value (P) is applied on described heap (20) under vacuum (64) condition by two plate pressing machines (70), and produce heat in the inside of described heap simultaneously, described heat is generated by the resistance behavior by electric current, make described electric current circulation in described dish snake shape metal tape (25) by main generator (GP), control the electric power of the described metal tape of being fed to of described main generator (25), in order to according to the gradual and orderly approach of setting up in advance, make in the assorted high a period of time of temperature of piling internal measurement, this section period is enough to make described adhesive layer (22,

         24) harden and therefore realize different layers (22, 23,

         24) and described metal strap portions (25) be secured to the layer (22 that matches,

         24),C) return to initial pressure and temperature conditions;

    D) cut described metallic plate (25), make described metallic plate flush with the relative side of described heap (20), described metal tape is present in the outside of described side, and takes apart with the metallized single bag of this mode (21),it is characterized in that, during step b), by two auxiliary resistance heaters (31,

         36) extra energy intake is fed to two ends of described heap (20), described two auxiliary resistance heaters are limited to the two boards (32 of described press,

         38), and with described two boards thermal insulation, described auxiliary resistance heater (31,

         36) by corresponding secondary electric generator (GS1, GS2) provide electric power, control secondary electric generator, so that according to the raise temperature of described auxiliary heater of the above-mentioned gradual and orderly approach of setting up in advance, the electric power of being dispersed by auxiliary heater is enough to be used in the temperature that in the corresponding top bag of described heap (20) and bottom bag (21) acquisition and temperature at described heap (20) internal measurement equate substantially.

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