Method and elevator arrangement

Method and elevator arrangement

  • CN 103,402,901 B
  • Filed: 12/21/2011
  • Issued: 12/07/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/31/2010
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1. a kind of elevator manufacturing method, the elevator include:

  • during constructionElevator (1);

    Lift car (2);

    For supporting and moving the promotion wiring (6) of the lift car (2) during the use of the lift car;

    What can be moved in the vertical direction is used to that the lift car (2) to be supported on its lower section in the elevatorSupport construction (3), which includes can be in the position and orientation extended from the support construction (3) towards sideThe multiple support components (8) moved between the support construction retracted position;

    And platform (4), the platform rope are slidingIt takes turns (5), by being supported by the rope pulley, the promotion wiring (6) is arranged to suspension,In the method, it is repeatedly promoted and is performed, in each promotion, when the support component (8) are in the contractingWhen return is set, the support construction (3) is elevated get Geng Gao in the elevator (1), hereafter, support component (8) quiltIt is displaced in extended position, the support construction (3) is lowered by through the support component (8) branch in the extended positionIt supports and rests on the top of the structure of building, for supporting the support construction (3) in the elevator (1) vertically,In the method, between promotion, the lift car (2) for conveying passenger and/or cargo, feature between floorsIt is, the support construction is only supported by the multiple support component, and multiple support components (8) above-mentioned are all located at rope above-mentionedTo be in multiple support component at one level, the rope declined from the rope pulley does not have for the top of rope pulley (5)Pass through the position at the level.

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