Gas composition and environmental factor controllable tobacco sealing, storage and maintenance method

Gas composition and environmental factor controllable tobacco sealing, storage and maintenance method

  • CN 103,404,957 A
  • Filed: 07/10/2013
  • Published: 11/27/2013
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/10/2013
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1. the controlled tobacco leaf sealing storage maintenance process of a gas componant and envirment factor is characterized in that comprising:

  • Step 1, sealing;

    (11) backing plate that tiles on the ground in warehouse, then at the clean film of backing plate upper berth one deck as the buffer protection film, on the buffer protection film, complete laminated film cigarette buttress end cover;

    (12) at the laminated film cigarette buttress end, put entirely smoke box is carried out to pile, in smoke box, place warm and humid wireless senser, gather smoke box humiture information;

    (13) for smoke box after pile, make five laminated film covers;

    With heat-sealing machine and to composite base cover and ready-made compound five face shield, carry out the heat seal edge sealing;

    (14) at the two ends of cover, respectively retain an air-filled pore air inlet and steam vent gas outlet;

    Step 2, detection seal cavity air-tightness;

    (21) suction device is connected to air inlet, " U " U-tube manometer is connected to gas outlet;

    (22) start suction device, by air sucking-off in the sealed cigarette buttress, observe " U " U-tube manometer, when negative pressure reaches 350Pa, after valve-off, close immediately suction device, when the pressure of " U " U-tube manometer is raised to negative 300Pa, use manual time-keeping, when negative pressure is raised to negative 150Pa, recording the time of stopwatch, requirement-300Pa rises to-and time of 150Pa is 300s, repeats 3 times;

    Step 3, carry out the change of gas condition in sealed cigarette buttress(31) after sealing property reaches requirement, the gas outlet of gas generating equipment is connected with the inflation air inlet of cover, starting device, be filled with satisfactory gas, the nitrogen of 98%-99.5% concentration content, or the oxygen of 40%-50% concentration content in the cigarette buttress;

    (32) gas concentration and humidity in Real-Time Monitoring sealed cigarette buttress tobacco bale;

    (33) according to the curing requirements of sealed storage tobacco leaf, regulate sealing buttress composition of gases within content, as gas concentration and humidity, reach requirement (specific requirement sees attached list

         1), stop gas generating equipment;

    As gas concentration and humidity, do not reach requirement, utilize air exhauster that gas in the cigarette buttress is extracted out, repeat to be filled with gas, until reach the setting requirement in the sealed cigarette buttress;

    Step 4, gas concentration are controlled;

    (41) killing pests and suppressing bacteriaKeep oxygen concentration in buttress lower than 2%, time of 50~

    60 ℃

    of humidity requirements is 20-30 days;

    Kill the insect in the cigarette buttress, suppress microbial growth in the cigarette buttress;

    (42) alcoholization, maintenance storeAfter the killing pests and suppressing bacteria process, according to alcoholization, curing requirements, adjust the oxygen concentration in the cigarette buttress,Slow down tobacco mellowing speed, oxygen concentration is controlled between 0%-6%, 50~

    60 ℃

    of humidity requirements;

    Tobacco mellowing, maintenance store, by oxygen concentration be controlled at 6%~

    12%, 60~

    65 ℃

    of humidity requirements;

    Tobacco leaf normally refines, by oxygen concentration be controlled between 12%-21%, 60~

    65 ℃

    of humidity requirements;

    Accelerate tobacco mellowing speed, by oxygen concentration be controlled between 21%-30%, 60~

    65 ℃

    of humidity requirements.

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