Preparation of micro alloy iron powder by reduction grinding

Preparation of micro alloy iron powder by reduction grinding

  • CN 1,034,264 C
  • Filed: 03/23/1991
  • Issued: 03/19/1997
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/23/1991
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1. a method of producing the high-quality iron powder that contains the vanadium titanium elements with the reduction grinding method from complicated sefstromite concentrate or ilmenite mainly comprises batching, batch mixing, reduction, ore grinding, sorting, drying, annealing process step, it is characterized in that:

  • process flow steps of the present invention specifically;

    1) with complicated sefstromite concentrate or ilmenite ores be raw material, with the ingredients by weight ratio of sodium salt additive, solid reductant be 100;




    20, wherein the sodium salt additive can be sodium carbonate, sodium sulphate, sodium chloride or this three batching, and solid reductant can be selected petroleum coke or broken Jiao or coal for use;

    2) be pressed into block material through cuber, and deliver to tunnel cave and directly reduce after the even mixing of above-mentioned batching with mechanical, its reduction temperature is 1150~

    1220 ℃

    , and the recovery time is 3~

    13 hours;

    3) above-mentioned reduction blocks is crushed to 2~

    0.3 millimeters with the modified Universalpulverizer, carries out ore grinding with the modified grinding machine that draw ratio is big, the milling medium size is little then, its grinding particle size accounts for 50~

    70% for-200 orders;

    4) above-mentioned fragmentation and stage grinding material are carried out gravity treatment and separate, its gravity concentrate obtains containing the high-quality iron powder of vanadium titanium elements through dewatering and filtering, drying, annealing, and its annealing temperature is 700~

    900 ℃

    , and the time is that 2~

    4 hours, reducing medium can be H 2Or cracked ammonium.

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