Table chicken feed and preparation method thereof

Table chicken feed and preparation method thereof

  • CN 103,461,702 A
  • Filed: 08/24/2013
  • Published: 12/25/2013
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/24/2013
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1. a feed for meat chickens, it is characterized in that being made by the raw material of following weight portion:

  • corn flour 500-520, fish meal 20-25, mealy potato 50-60, bone meal 20-25, kudzu-vine root powder 4-6, Paris white 4-6, salt 8-10, mung bean flour 40-45, refined sesame oil 8-10, zanthoxylum powder 4-6, soya sauce 2-3, analysis for soybean powder 50-60, walnut meat powder 10-15, lycopodium powder 6-9, lotus nut starch 4-6, gorgon euryale seed powder 4-6, yulan magnolia 4-6, peppermint 6-8, Rabdosia rubescens 4-6, cassia seed 5-8, phagostimulant 4-5;

    Described phagostimulant is made by the raw material of following weight portion;

    Radix Glycyrrhizae 3-4, semen astragali complanati 4-5, galangal 4-5, fructus amomi 5-7, stereotyped writing rope 4-7, catchweed bedstraw herb 4-6, the membrane of a chicken'"'"'s gizzard 10-15, butter 6-8, onion powder 5-7, lard 7-10, yellow meal worm powder 10-15, active carbon 2-5;

    The preparation method is by Radix Glycyrrhizae, semen astragali complanati, galangal, fructus amomi, stereotyped writing rope, catchweed bedstraw herb, the membrane of a chicken'"'"'s gizzard, adds the suitable quantity of water decoction, filters and obtains liquid and the dregs of a decoction;

    The described dregs of a decoction are dried and are pulverized to obtain dregs of a decoction powder;

    Butter, lard are heated to 7-8 and become heat, add dregs of a decoction powder, onion powder, yellow meal worm powder, fry 5-7 minute, granulate, and carry out expanded;

    Finally, expanded crushing material is mixed with liquid, active carbon, granulate and get final product.

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