Disposable syringe and push rod for disposable syringe

Disposable syringe and push rod for disposable syringe

  • CN 103,463,713 B
  • Filed: 06/06/2012
  • Issued: 09/13/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/06/2012
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a kind of disposable syringe, comprising:

  • Housing (1), the housing (1) include proximal end (5), distal end (6) and hollow inside (7), and the inside (7) is by tubularInner wall (8) limits;

    Push rod (3), positioned at the housing inside (7) and can the housing (2) movement relatively, the push rod (3) includes positionIn the external proximal end (11) in the proximal end (5) of the housing, positioned at the distal end (10) of the inside (7) of the housing and by instituteThe axis (12) that the proximal end (11) and distal end (10) for stating push rod extend, the distal end (10) of the push rod is formed with block machine (13);

    Rubber plug (4), the rubber plug (4) are mounted on the push rod, are located at the distal side of the block machine (13), can be with the housingInner wall (8) liquid tight contact,It is characterized in that, the block machine (13) includes;

    The main part (15) formed around the axis (12) of the push rod,For pushing the pushing part (16) of the rubber plug, the pushing (16) is from the main part (15) along away from describedThe direction of the axis (12) of push rod extends,Wherein, the pushing part (16) is configured to, when the rubber plug (4) is stopped at the distal end of the housing, onlyIt is that the pushing part (16) deforms due to continuing to push against the rubber plug (4), and only passes through the change for pushing part (16)Shape generates push rod (3) engaged required stroke,Wherein, the push rod (3) further includes the limitation platform (20) of the nearside positioned at the block machine (13), for limiting the pushingThe partially deflection of (16).

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