Kitchen waste pretreatment device

Kitchen waste pretreatment device

  • CN 103,464,449 B
  • Filed: 09/25/2013
  • Issued: 08/31/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/09/2013
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. null1. a kitchen waste pretreatment device,

  • Including airtight housing and control system,

    It is characterized in that housing upper end is provided with elevating hopper and feeding motor,

    Automatic sorting device it is provided with in housing,

    Biofermentation drying device,

    Oily-water seperating equipment,

    Ionization odor removal and gas condensing unit,

    Described elevating hopper is connected with the kitchen castoff charging aperture of automatic sorting device through discharging opening,

    Automatic sorting device is connected with the charging aperture in biofermentation drying device through kitchen castoff outlet,

    Automatic sorting device is connected with oily-water seperating equipment through liquid outlet,

    Biofermentation drying device is connected with gas condensing unit through exhaust outlet,

    Gas condensing unit is connected with ionization odor removal,

    Described automatic sorting device includes screening slot、

    Screening cover plate、

    Separate axle、

    Separate blade、

    Screen pack and separation motor,

    Screening slot upper end is connected with screening cover plate,

    Formed in making screening slot and screening cover plate and separate cavity,

    It is provided with screen pack in screening slot and separates axle,

    Kitchen castoff separated space is formed between screen pack and screening slot,

    Screening slot one end is provided with kitchen castoff charging aperture,

    The other end is provided with separate substance outlet,

    Screening slot is arranged below kitchen castoff outlet and liquid outlet,

    The kitchen castoff charging aperture inwall of screening slot is provided with crushing shell,

    Screening slot is connected with elevating hopper through kitchen castoff charging aperture,

    Separate axle one end through crushing shell center through bearing、

    Bearing block is fixing with screening slot to be connected,

    The other end separates motor through screening slot be connected through transmission device and screening slot outside,

    At least 2 separate blades of circumference array on described separation axle,

    And separate blade is axially arranged,

    Described separate blade is by guide plate、

    Installing plate、

    Transition guide plate、

    Guide plate eases up and forms from plate,

    Guide plate trapezoidal plate face,

    Transition guide plate、

    Guide plate eases up and is respectively triangle flat plate from plate,

    Guide plate lower end is fixing with installing plate to be connected,

    Front end intersects with transition guide plate fixing connection,

    Rear end is connected with delaying to fix from plate,

    And transition guide plate on the basis of guide plate plane towards guide plate one lateral buckling,

    Delay and reversely bend relative to transition guide plate from plate face on the basis of guide plate plane,

    Transition guide plate upper surface、

    Guide plate upper surface ease up from plate upper surface all with screen pack matched in clearance,

    Transition guide plate front end intersects with guide plate fixing connection,

    And guide plate bends relative to transition guide plate in face on the basis of transition guide plate plane in the same direction,

    Connection is fixed with separating axle in installing plate lower end,

    Bar nose face is with to separate axle axis vertical,

    And bar nose face with screening cell wall crushing shell match,Fermentation tank in described biofermentation drying device is made up of internal layer and outer layer,

    It is provided with heat-conducting medium in cavity between internal layer and outer layer,

    Heating element heater it is equipped with between internal layer and outer layer,

    During the fermentation,

    Feeding gate in fermentation tank is in open mode,

    Oxygen in fermentation tank obtains circulation through high pressure positive blower and supplements.

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