Method for preparing shrimp flavor shelled melon seeds

Method for preparing shrimp flavor shelled melon seeds

  • CN 103,504,386 A
  • Filed: 10/15/2013
  • Published: 01/15/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/15/2013
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1. the preparation method of a seed shrimp sunflower seed benevolence, is characterized in that comprising following operating procedure:

  • (1), take the raw material of following weight portion;

    sunflower seed benevolence 900-1000, lotus-seed-heart powder 10-15, water chestnut Rong 10-15, rice protein powder 3-8, pumpkin powder 8-16, celestial careless 5-10, frangipanis 2-3, buzhaye 2-4, cassia seed 2-3, baste and water are appropriate;

    (2), celestial being grass, frangipanis, buzhaye, cassia seed etc. are integrated with to pot, add consolidated material 16-22 decocting doubly and boil, filter and remove residue, obtains decoction liquor, adds sunflower seed benevolence, and 80-90 ℃

    of slow fire heating is stewing boils 1-1.5 hour, pulls sunflower seed benevolence out to dry;

    (3), lotus-seed-heart powder, rice protein powder, pumpkin powder integrated with to a pot frying go out perfume (or spice), add the baste of sunflower seed benevolence weight 15-20%, water chestnut Rong to make into fast slurries;

    (4), sunflower seed benevolence is dropped in slurries and stirred evenly, pull out and smoke dry perfume (or spice) and get final product;

    The preparation method of described baste, comprises the following steps;

    (1), take the commercial weight of following weight portion;

    trehalose 5-8, glucose 6-10, rocket salad 5-8, lemon-grass 1-2, Chinese cassia tree 1-2, dried small shrimp powder 10-20, shrimp sauce 1-2, rhizoma zingiberis 3-8, chive 3-5, vegetable oil and water are appropriate;

    (2), rocket salad blanching is dried and pulverized for 1-2 minute, mix slow fire frying with dried small shrimp powder and go out perfume (or spice), by trehalose, glucose with 3-5 doubly water-soluble solution stir evenly, add frying powder to stir evenly, slow fire boiling becomes thick paste;

    (3), lemon-grass, rhizoma zingiberis, chive etc. are dried to abrasive dust, drop in ripe plant oil cauldron and decoct out perfume (or spice), add 50-100 times of water boil, add thick paste, shrimp sauce to stir, stewingly boil 1-2 hour, filter and remove residue, obtains baste.

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