Preparation method for blueberry and puer tea beverage

Preparation method for blueberry and puer tea beverage

  • CN 103,549,061 A
  • Filed: 10/31/2013
  • Published: 02/05/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/31/2013
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1. a preparation method for blueberry Pu'"'"'er antipyretic beverage, is characterized in that, comprises following operating procedure:

  • (1), take the raw material of following weight portion;

    blueberry 50-70, Pu'"'"'er cooked tea 5-15, corn stigma Ultramicro-powder 5-8, Testa sojae atricolor powder 8-13, balsam pear 10-15, watermelon peel 10-20, blueberry leaf 2-4, root of kudzu vine 2-3, Sweet Broomwort Herb 1-2, twocolor sealavander herb 3-5, flower of Panax ginseng 1-2, telegraph plant 1-2, Angelica Keiskei 1-2, frangipanis 2-3, leaves of Hawthorn 2-3, citric acid 0.3-0.5, water are appropriate;

    (2), watermelon peel is gone to the outer black cloth stripping and slicing of internal layer red soil, soak 30-40 minute with the solution that removes base of a fruit blueberry, go flesh section balsam pear to put into respectively to contain 2-4% salt, pull out to rinse well and drain merging, send into pulp machine, add and merge pulp 0.5-1 water doubly, make into juice;

    (3), Pu'"'"'er cooked tea is crushed to 60-80 order, go out perfume (or spice) with corn Ultramicro-powder, the frying of Testa sojae atricolor powder mixing slow fire, add 10-15 times of water boil 20-30 minute, filter and remove residue, obtains the fragrant liquid of tea;

    (4), the Chinese medicine material such as blueberry leaf, the root of kudzu vine, Sweet Broomwort Herb, twocolor sealavander herb is mixed, add slow fire boiling 0.5-1.5 hour after 4-9 times of water boil, filter and remove residue, obtains decoction liquor;

    (5), the fragrant liquid of juice, tea, decoction liquor are stirred evenly,, at the 80-92 ℃

    of stewing 30-60 minute that boils, add the stewing pectase that boils 0.4-0.6% in liquid after cooling, at 35-42 ℃

    of enzymolysis 1-2.5 hour, the enzyme that goes out process after filter and remove residue, filtrate and citric acid mix, through filling, sterilizing and get final product.

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