In-tunnel display system

In-tunnel display system

  • CN 103,597,535 A
  • Filed: 09/06/2011
  • Published: 02/19/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/06/2011
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1. Claim1st, a kind of tunnel synchronous display system, including interactive module, communication module, display module and synchronization module;

  • Interactive module is used to store video data or image data;

    Communication module is connected with interactive module, and video data or image data are transferred into display module;

    Characterized in that, the synchronization module Fen Do are connected with communication module, display module, for controlling the display data of display module and the synchronization of tunnel train running speed;

    Display module is arranged in train operation tunnel, and the synchronizing signal for being sent according to synchronization module is shown the data from interactive module;

    The synchronization module is used for measuring train speed data, and the time for being converted to train Jing Guo two neighboring pixel spacing, there is provided the synchronizing signal of the time interval of the adjacent two row image of control;

    Synchronization module includes multiple velometers and synchronous signal processor, and velometer includes the multiple laser sensors for being arranged in track side, and for obtaining train running speed, laser rays is vertical with rail parallel to rail level;

    Synchronous signal processor is used for, according to train running speed, obtaining synchronizing signal;

    Further, synchronous signal processor is used for according to train speed and neighbor pixel spacing, obtains time of the train Jing Guo neighbor pixel spacing.2nd, tunnel synchronous display system according to claim 1, it is characterised in that synchronous signal processor includes tachometer signal receiving unit, rate signal processing unit and synchronizing signal generation unit;

    Wherein, tachometer signal receiving unit is used for the signal for receiving the velometer, is transferred to rate signal processing unit;

    Rate signal processing unit is according to the current speed of service of the signal of change train received;

    Synchronizing signal generation unit receives the rate signal from rate signal processing unit, draws the synchronizing signal of control display module display image information.3rd, tunnel synchronous display system according to claim 1, it is characterised in that synchronization module is additionally operable to synchronizing signal feeding back to interactive module by communication module, adjusts the video data of interactive moduleSend;

    Velometer is arranged in the region of display module installation, and bioassay standard is used as using laser reflection switch or laser-correlation optoelectronic switch.4th, tunnel synchronous display system according to claim 1, it is characterised in that display module includes synchronous Signal Receiver Unit, pre-storing unit, display unit and display controller;

    Pre-storing unit is temporary in case playing by the played data made;

    Synchronous Signal Receiver Unit, receives the synchronizing signal that synchronization module is produced, and it is sent into display controller according to the protocol analysis observed jointly;

    Display controller carries out corresponding information broadcasting according to corresponding instruction control display unit according to the synchronizing signal.5th, tunnel synchronous display system according to claim 4, it is characterized in that, display controller is according to synchronizing signal, acquisition speed value, select the address of display module, program number and brightness value are configured, the odd column or even column of display is set, driver is triggered according to corresponding velocity amplitude to drive the corresponding video data of display.6th, tunnel synchronous display system according to claim 4, it is characterised in that display controller includes two monolithic control units, two monolithic control units respectively connect one group of LED driver;

    Display unit includes multiple LED posts, and each LED post, which includes two row , Fen Do, to be driven by one group of LED driver, and the two row LED is sequentially lighted, and shows a two field picture.7th, tunnel synchronous display system according to claim 6, it is characterized in that, two row LEDs are vertically arranged in parallel, each LED driver only drives the LED particle in respective column LED, the lateral attitude of each LED of secondary series is located in the plane in the gap between two LEDs of correspondence of first row, display forms pixel interpolation, and two row, which are shown, is divided into odd and even number interlacing scan, composograph.8th, tunnel synchronous display system according to claim 6, it is characterised in that LED driver includes serial storage, the l ed brightness regulators using parallel storage and P Medical drive signal generation units;

    The serial storage receives synchronizing signal in a serial fashion, is deposited in a parallel fashion after receivingEnter parallel storage, synchronizing signal is decomposed into communication data and control data, producing drive signal by P Medical drive signal generation units drives corresponding LED to light.9th, tunnel synchronous display system according to claim 1, it is characterised in that interactive module, which is additionally operable to make, to be played image and store;

    Interactive module is additionally operable to set parameter corresponding to display content for manager, and for managing physical media or the display parameters to display module are adjusted.10th, the tunnel synchronous display system according to claim 2, it is characterised in that velometer, which measures train and is converted to train speed by the time difference of two laser sensors, is sent to synchronization module;

    Velocity amplitude is converted to train and passes through the time used in the distance of neighbor pixel by synchronization module, and this velocity amplitude is issued into display module according to synchronizing signal agreement, display module starts display program according to synchronizing signal order, and scans each column data break of program video.

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