Periodical ownership transaction model and method

Periodical ownership transaction model and method

  • CN 103,632,277 A
  • Filed: 12/24/2013
  • Published: 03/12/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/24/2013
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1. cycle ownership Trading Model and method, is characterized in that:

  • this method comprises to be set up ownership model, set up cycle Trading Model and cycle ownership method of commerce, and the method includes the steps of;



    set up ownership model;

    the compositing factor of transaction object comprises aspects of contents, wherein, the factor that the object of determining deal is worth is referred to as ownership, and ownership comprises time ownership, function ownership, structure ownership, associated ownership and is worth five aspects of ownership;

    Set up ownership model and be exactly by normalized structure chemical industry tool five of existing transaction object aspect ownerships are analyzed, excavate, arrange, sort out, move, managed and make it standardization, implementation is exactly that ownership is resolved, and between the ownership after parsing, interaction and relation are called ownership model;

    By setting up ownership model, the value of transaction object form objective be reasonably presented in people in face of;



    set up cycle Trading Model;

    transaction agent both parties are according to the ownership situation of concrete transaction object, periodicity to transaction defines, in contract fundamental, object quantity, ownership value and value are the values changing, according to the feature of the industry standard of ownership and value conversion pattern, periodicity to transaction retrains, and concludes trade contract, implements transaction;

    Cycle Trading Model is the time cycle restricted model of contract;



    cycle ownership method of commerce;

    ownership market couples together the seller and the buyer, when transaction implements on concrete some trading items for concrete transaction object, when both parties conclude deal contract, clear and definite periodically constraint in essence of a contract, object ownership and value conversion pattern, both parties establish and carry out methods and the mechanism of calibrating transaction object ownership and establish Payment Methods simultaneously, in contract execution process, according to the periodicity constraint of treaty content regulation before, pay the bill and acceptance object, and transaction object ownership is examined and determine by the ownership calibration authority of appointment according to contractual spectifications, according to acceptance, periodically retrain practice condition and ownership verification result and generate real trade value, after completing acceptance, settles accounts according to contracted program transaction object, meeting contract periodicity constraint requirements and contract requirement (CR) ownership verification result arranges settle accounts and reward as agreed, do not meet contract periodicity constraint requirements and close contract requirement (CR) ownership verification result and arrange as agreed to settle accounts and carry out punishment.

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