Process for producing dipeptides

Process for producing dipeptides

  • CN 103,642,882 A
  • Filed: 06/24/2005
  • Published: 03/19/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/25/2004
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1. the manufacture method of dipeptides, it is characterized in that thering is by having to produce the ability that is generated the protein of dipeptides activity by a kind of above amino acid, and the microorganism with the ability of producing this kind at least 1 seed amino acid in above amino acid is cultivated in substratum, make dipeptides in this substratum, generate, accumulate, from this substratum, reclaim dipeptidesWherein, when microorganism can only produce 1 seed amino acid, described substratum is the substratum that adds other 1 seed amino acid,Wherein microorganism is the microorganism that belongs to Escherichia (Escherichia), andThe protein that wherein has the active protein that generates dipeptides by a kind of above amino acid and be the DNA encoding that the base sequence of any expression in sequence number 9~

  • 16 and 36 forms, dipeptides is formula R 1-R 2the dipeptides representing, in formula, R 1during for L-Ala, R 2l-Cys, L-Lys, L-α

    AB or L-Cit;

    R 1during for L-Gly, R 2l-Trp, L-Cys, L-Lys, L-α

    AB or L-Cit;

    R 1during for L-Gln, R 2l-Phe;

    R 1during for L-Ser, R 2l-α


    R 1during for L-Cys, R 2l-Gln or L-Met;

    R 1during for L-Met, R 2l-Lys or L-His;

    And R 1during for L-α

    AB, R 2l-Gln, L-Thr, L-Arg or L-α


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