A kind of ultra-thin steel and wood composite template system for magma dry concrete construction

A kind of ultra-thin steel and wood composite template system for magma dry concrete construction

  • CN 103,643,793 B
  • Filed: 12/11/2013
  • Issued: 07/27/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/11/2013
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a kind of ultra-thin steel and wood composite template system for magma dry concrete construction, the ultra-thin steel and wood composite template bodySystem is composed of 100mm thickness square steel back cords and 18mm thickness glued boards by self threading pin, and template system overall thickness is 118mm, oftenOne piece of glued board dead astern is stupefied all in accordance with design screw rod positioning 6 lateral steel backs of setting, and it is glued that upper and lower two back cords play constraintPlate piece dehydration, intermediate 4 lateral back cords are constrained as screw rod drawing, and template system frame combines 40mm and 60mm square steelIt is stupefied to be welded into stepped 100mm steel backs, to facilitate the fixture type reinforcement by connection between each piece of template system;

  • Its production method includes the following steps:

    A. according to design segmentation and clear water feature, plain form, reinforcement system design are carried out;

    B. according to stencil design figure, material purchases and the processing of template system keel, calibration are carried out;

    In implementation steps b, determines tire pedestal skeleton and release 20cm processing spaces progress scale according to side more each than keel system, it is smoothDegree control is within 3mm;

    Keel system location dimension interior receipts 2mm more each than keel design dimensions length direction, blank size ratio are setCount size small 2mm to 3mm;

    The straight degree control of frame is combined within 2mm, rear diagonal line control errors exist keel system in placeWithin 3mm;

    It after the completion of keel system Combination Welding, is calibrated, within 2mm, flatness control exists the straight degree control of frameWithin 3mm;

    Template system additional 40mm ×

    100mm ×

    3mm square steel tubes at horizontal cicada seam carry out reinforcement;

    Template system keelScrew hole both sides are using two 40mm ×

    100mm ×

    3mm square steel tube spacing 40mm arrangements;

    The fixation of template system panel is profitIt is connected by wood screw with the angle steel welded in advance on keel, angle steel upper surface is more slightly lower 1mm than keel upper surface, longitudinal pitchWith horizontal spacing no more than 25cm;

    C. according to different clear water requirements, different template qualities and performance is compared, determine the template type of selection;

    D. divided according to clear water, blanking, deburring are carried out to template, grind seam;

    In implementation steps d, the preliminary blanking of template, short transverse blank size is bigger 1mm-2mm than design size, under width directionExpect big 1cm of size ratio design size or so;

    Then formwork edge joint direction deburring is carried out, control errors are within 0.5mm;

    E. keel body, which is fastened, carries out panel installation;

    F. deburring, trepanning, edge sealing and panel number;

    In implementation steps f, the vertical side of panel carries out thick deburring, and width direction reserves 2mm surpluses;

    Then secondary repair is carried outSide, the straight degree control in side is within 1mm;

    When panel cut out, point horizontal error controls within 3mm, vertical error controlWithin 3mm, installation is complete that thickness is only 118mm for entire steel and wood composite template system;

    G. the liner plate installation of electromechanical end in magma clear-water concrete component, set aside pre-embedded;

    H. ultra-thin steel and wood composite template system construction.

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