Method and apparatus for damping an actuator on a fluid regulator

Method and apparatus for damping an actuator on a fluid regulator

  • CN 103,672,127 B
  • Filed: 09/10/2013
  • Issued: 08/13/2021
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/14/2012
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1. A cushioning actuator for use with a fluid regulator, comprising:

  • an actuator housing;

    a diaphragm disposed in the actuator housing and dividing the actuator housing into a first chamber and a second chamber;

    an actuator linkage operably connected to the diaphragm and configured to operably connect to a valve stem and move the valve stem between a first position and a second position;

    a vent formed on the actuator housing and extending to the second chamber, wherein the first chamber is hydraulically connected to a fluid outlet of a regulator body and senses a fluid pressure at the fluid outlet, the vent hydraulically connecting the second chamber to a surrounding ambient atmosphere; and

    a damper operably coupled to the vent, the damper comprising;

    a sleeve operatively coupled to the vent and disposed within the vent, the sleeve including an aperture;

    a valve seat releasably mounted within the bore, wherein the valve seat includes a valve plug body having a releasable assembly connection, wherein the valve plug body is disposed within the bore and the releasable assembly connection releasably couples the valve plug body to the sleeve, the valve seat further including a drainage port and a seating surface disposed on an interior side surrounding the drainage port;

    a ball movably disposed in the bore, the ball being configured to move from a closed position seated at the valve seat to an open position disposed away from the valve seat;

    a spring positioned to bias the ball toward the valve seat, the spring configured to allow the ball to move to the open position to release fluid pressure from the second chamber when fluid pressure within the second chamber exceeds a threshold pressure;

    wherein the seat surface is adapted to sealingly engage the ball and is formed by an inner concave surface sized to partially receive the ball and disposed on an inner side of the valve seat;

    and wherein the sleeve defines an inlet and an outlet, and the bore extends from the inlet to the outlet, wherein a spring seat is disposed in the bore spaced from the valve seat between the inlet and the outlet, and the spring is disposed in the bore between the ball and the spring seat, and the spring seat includes a second valve plug body removably coupled to the sleeve, the second valve plug body having an opening that forms a portion of a flow path between the inlet and the outlet.

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