Motorcycle tyre

Motorcycle tyre

  • CN 103,717,411 B
  • Filed: 07/06/2011
  • Issued: 04/02/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/06/2011
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. it is a kind of for having the motorcycle tyre (1) of the motorcycle of the puffer discharge capacity of the discharge capacity lower than 300cc, it is described to rubIt includes cross-sectional width (C) between 70mm and 110mm and 80% He for being included in the cross-sectional width (C) that motorcycle tire, which has,Height (H) between 110%, the motorcycle tyre include tread strip (8), and the tread strip includes middle section (M), firstLateral region and the second lateral region (S1, S2), the middle section (M) extend across the equatorial plane (X-X) of the tire,First lateral region and the second lateral region (S1, S2) extending laterally at the middle section (M), the tread stripIt (8) further include tread pattern, the tread pattern limits the gap rubber ratio less than 20% on the tread strip (8), andInclude:

  • Multiple first slots (21), the multiple first slot are substantially continuous from first lateral region (S1) in a lateral directionGround extends to second lateral region (S2), wherein first slot (21) is included at least with inclining less than or equal to 60 °

    The first part (21a) at angle;

    Multiple second slots (22), the multiple second slot extend in the middle section (M) generally along longitudinal direction;

    Multiple solid sections (23), the multiple solid section are located in the middle section (M), and in a longitudinal directionReplace with second slot (22);

    Wherein, the second slot of at least some of described second slot (22) is since corresponding first slot (21), so that described secondAdjoin with corresponding first slot (21) one end of slot (22);

    Connecting portion is located in the middle section of first slot (21),The middle section is located in the middle section (M) of the tread strip (8);

    The tread pattern further includes multiple third slots (24) since corresponding first slot (21), the multiple third slotExtend in first lateral region and the second lateral region (S1, S2) in a lateral direction;

    The third slot (24) has the inclination angle greater than 70 °

    in its at least part.

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