Torsional shear test method for asphalt mixture

Torsional shear test method for asphalt mixture

  • CN 103,743,631 A
  • Filed: 01/15/2014
  • Published: 04/23/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/15/2014
  • Status: Active Application
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1. an asphalt torsion shear test method, is characterized in that following steps:

  • (1) by the size of determining bitumen mixture specimen, determine disk size;

    (2) make bitumen mixture specimen;

    can pass through static pressure method or gyratory compaction method moulding bitumen mixture specimen, also can pass through on-the-spot core boring sampling;

    (3) insulation;

    bitumen mixture specimen and disk are placed in constant temperature oven and are incubated;

    (4) carry out shearing strength testing experiment;

    bitumen mixture specimen is bonding by epoxy resin and disk, and a disk is connected with turning axle, and another disk is connected with fixed glides,?universal testing machine is exerted pressure to tooth bar by elevating lever, loading speed is 10mm/min, wheel and rack engagement, and pressure is changed into moment of torsion, until producing, destroys bitumen mixture specimen, universal testing machine collects data, obtain failing load, can obtain shearing strength, revision test, obtain the shearing strength of mean value as this kind of asphalt The sense of displacement of bitumen mixture specimen is consistent with shear direction in process of the test,(5) carry out shear fatigue test;

    by step (4), obtain failing load, value within the scope of 0.1~

    0.9 times of failing load, bitumen mixture specimen is repeated to load, by universal testing machine collection, load number of times and deformation data, test of many times is averaged, thereby can obtain the shear fatigue life-span of this asphalt.

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