Method for storing michelia maudiae seeds

Method for storing michelia maudiae seeds

  • CN 103,749,028 A
  • Filed: 12/27/2013
  • Published: 04/30/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/27/2013
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1. a storage practice for Michelia maudiae seed, is characterized in that it completes its storage by seed harvesting (1), seed exosper processing (2), seed drying processing (3), seed storage (4), management (5) five steps;

  • Seed is plucked (1);

    early November, after ripe Michelia maudiae Follicle radish is really picked, be deposited in the shady and cool ground that ventilates, and after shell opens, with waddy, beat fruit, seed can fall down by nature;

    Seed exosper is processed (2);

    seed collection is put into bucket, add water, seed is soaked in water 3 days, then seed is pulled out, and drainage, the seed soaking is in a huddle, macerate 2-4 days, the seed of 50kg adds the yellow sand of 1.5kg to wear footwear gently to step on;

    With the exosper on 50% suds eccysis seed, after the exosper on seed is removed totally, then scrub the suds on seed with clear water, with clear water, rinse and just can thoroughly remove the suds that adhere on seed epidermis 2-3 time;

    Seed drying is processed (3);

    the Michelia maudiae seed of wash clean is spread out in to shady and cool ground, treats anhydrous mark on the surface of the seed, and just do not dried in the air when also looking relatively profit again;

    Seed storage (4);

    the seed having dried is carried out to sand and hide, with clean fresh fine sand, put into appropriate water, make sand agglomerating with holding energy, gently fall and can let go, at this moment carry out sand by husky and the seed amount of 3;

    2 and hide;

    Management (5);

    a later week is stirred once, and sand is too dry will add suitable quantity of water, if seed has mouldy situation, is that moisture content is too much, sterilize sand seed, and shine husky or add clean dry sand with 5% potassium permanganate, the humidity of sand is reduced;

    The husky seed of hiding however time watch outside, be also noted that protection against rodents.

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