A kind of flexible scraper

A kind of flexible scraper

  • CN 103,752,952 B
  • Filed: 01/24/2014
  • Issued: 06/13/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/24/2014
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1. a kind of flexible scraper, including main shaft (1), is connected to the handle of a knife (2) of main shaft (1) one end and is connected to main shaft (1) separatelyHead (3) is scraped in one end, and described head (3) of scraping is provided with two groups of floating blade groups (4), two groups of floating blade groups (4) are symmetrical arrangedIn being provided with coarse scraper piece (42) and smart wing (43), described master on the periphery for scraping head (3), every group of floating blade group (4)First through hole (11) is axially formed with axle (1), post rod mechanism (5), described post rod mechanism are provided with the first through hole (11)(5) including hydraulic mandril (51), push rod spring (52) and hydraulic pressure plug (53);

  • Described scraping is formed with and first through hole in head (3)(11) blade adjustment mechanism (6), described blade adjustment are provided with second through hole (31) of coaxial line, second through hole (31)Mechanism (6) includes regulation head (61), regulation spring (62), adjusting rod (63) and regulation fuse (64);

    Described post rod mechanism (5)Offseted cooperation with blade adjustment mechanism (6), the coarse scraper piece (42) and essence wing (43) set in floating blade group (4) make slightlyProcessing and finishing are synchronously completed during time processing;

    Described coarse scraper piece (42) is before smart wing (43)End;

    It is described to scrape axial restraint on head (3) and have a gib block (8), described gib block (8) by screw (81) with scrape head (3)Outer peripheral face is mutually fixed;

    Described hydraulic mandril (51) rear end is provided with stopper (51a), and described push rod spring (52) is placed on liquidBear down on one on bar (51), described hydraulic mandril (51) is placed through in first through hole (11), described hydraulic pressure plug (53) is placed in theAt the open rearward end of one through hole (11), hydraulic pressure plug (53) center is formed with hydraulic pressure hole (53a);

    One is provided with first through hole (11)Step, one end and the step of push rod spring (52) offset, and the other end and the stopper (51a) of push rod spring (52) offset;

    Hydraulic pressureWhen push rod (51) is by hydraulic action, travels forward and compress push rod spring (52);

    Described regulation head (61) with scrape head (3) beforeEnd connection coordinates, and described regulation fuse (64) is placed on adjusting rod (63), and its periphery offsets with floating blade group (4) and matches somebody with somebodyClose, it is characterized in that:

    One end of described adjusting rod (63) and hydraulic mandril (51) offset cooperations, its other end with adjust spring(62) offset cooperation, and the other end and regulation head (61) of described regulation spring (62) offset cooperation;

    Described adjusting rod (63)Front end be formed with branch fastener (63a), the front end of described branch fastener (63a) is formed with groove (63b), described regulation spring (62)One end be placed in the groove (63b), and offseted with the end face of groove (63b);

    Described handle of a knife (2) is central axial to be formed with the 3rdThrough hole (21), described third through-hole (21) is connected with hydraulic pressure hole (53a), and the rear end of described handle of a knife (2) is provided with hydraulic pressureImport (22);

    Described floating blade group (4) includes cutter block (41), coarse scraper piece (42), smart wing (43) and cushion block(44), described coarse scraper piece (42) and smart wing (43) is installed in cutter block (41), and described cushion block (44) is installed on slightlyBetween wing (42) and smart wing (43), gib block (8) is made up of ABS plastic;

    Described head (3) of scraping leads to main shaft (1)The second flat key (92) is crossed to be connected;

    Cooling chip removal set (7) is equipped with outside described main shaft (1), cooling chip removal set is close to scrapes head(3) one end offers two punchings bits hole (71), and two punchings bits hole (71) are symmetricly set in the front end of cooling chip removal set (7), twoAngle between individual punching bits hole (71) is 180 °

    , and coolant pipe (72) is provided with described cooling chip removal set (7);

    Described is coldBut chip removal set (7) is connected with main shaft (1) by the first flat key (91);

    When flexible scraper is processed, by cooling chip removal set (7)Coolant pipe (72) docked with cooling device, the hydraulic inlet (22) on handle of a knife (2) is docked with hydraulic system;

    Hydraulic fluid fromHydraulic inlet (22) enters third through-hole (21), and enters first through hole by the hydraulic pressure hole (53a) on hydraulic pressure plug (53)(11) in, promote hydraulic mandril (51) to travel forward and compress push rod spring (52), meanwhile, the front end of hydraulic mandril (51) promotes adjustsPole (63) forward compression adjusts spring (62);

    The peripheral support floating blade of the regulation fuse (64) being nested with adjusting rod (63)Group (4), makes its floating carry out shaving action to workpiece;

    Coolant in cooling device enters cooling and arranges from coolant pipe (72)In bits set (7), and chip removal is carried out from middle ejection of punching bits hole (71);

    After machining, hydraulic system pressure release, in push rod spring (52)Under the elastic force effect of regulation spring (62), adjusting rod (63) and hydraulic mandril (51) is set to reset.

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