Air-conditioning apparatus

Air-conditioning apparatus

  • CN 103,776,151 A
  • Filed: 10/23/2013
  • Published: 05/07/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/23/2012
  • Status: Active Application
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1. an air conditioner, is characterized in that, has erecting device,This erecting device has:

  • erecting device mainboard;

    Be arranged at the upper support sheet of the upper end of described erecting device mainboard;

    With the lower support sheet of lower end that is arranged at described erecting device mainboard,Described upper support sheet has;

    a upper end;

    Two ends, left and right, the two ends of described upper end are connected with one end of these two ends, left and right respectively;

    With two foundation portions, the other end of two ends, described left and right is connected with one end of these two foundation portions respectively, and a part for these two foundation portions is connected with the upper end of described erecting device mainboard respectively,Described upper support sheet adopts two superimposed structures of described upper end, described left and right end portions and the doubling of described foundation portion.

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