Send method and the device of dot pattern identification signal based on wireless module

Send method and the device of dot pattern identification signal based on wireless module

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  • Filed: 02/17/2014
  • Issued: 05/25/2016
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1. a method that sends dot pattern identification signal based on 2.4G wireless module, comprises following stepRapid:

  • S10, device initialize;

    S20, judge whether the receiving terminal that can match with 2.4G sending module, if judged result isBe, perform step S30, if judged result is no, perform step S40, continuation etc. are to be matched, straightTo success;

    S30, infrared reading device send IR dot pattern are read, when IR arrives atBehind dot pattern surface, to obtain dot pattern image, and dot pattern image is fed back;

    S50, to feedback dot pattern image process so that the grey level of dot pattern image reachesTo preset range;

    In step S50, comprise following sub-step;

    S500, judge that dot pattern image is picture file or video stream file, if dot pattern image isPicture file, performs step S501, if dot pattern image is video stream file, performs step S502;

    S501, filter out spectrum unnecessary in this picture file, catch residue spectrum, regulate picture literary compositionThe time for exposure of part and image frame per second, make the gradation of image rank of the picture file capturing reach 110~


    S502, filter out unnecessary spectrum in each picture frame in this video stream file, catch surplusRemaining light is composed, and regulates time for exposure and the image frame per second of each picture frame, makes the gradation of image of this picture frameRank reaches between 110~


    S503, extraction meet other dot pattern image of image gray levels;

    S60, judge whether the dot pattern in dot pattern image meets default dot pattern parameter, ifJudged result is yes, performs step S70, if judged result is no, and step S30;

    S70, dot pattern image is resolved and CRC check, to form code value corresponding thereto;

    S80, extraction code value, and make it generate encrypted packets;

    S90, by 2.4G sending module, encrypted packets is sent.

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