Three color injection machines

Three color injection machines

  • CN 103,847,061 B
  • Filed: 11/29/2012
  • Issued: 12/26/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/29/2012
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a kind of three color injection machines, including horizontal injection moulding apparatus, longitudinal injection moulding apparatus and vertical injection moulding apparatus, it is characterised in that;

  • The horizontal injection moulding apparatus includes cabinet, and first that horizontal injection device and driving transverse direction injection device are provided with the cabinet drivesDynamic motor, the cabinet upper end are provided with the first hopper connected with horizontal injection device, and one end of the horizontal injection device, which is provided with, to be addedHot device, the heater include the conduit through heater, and one end of conduit is provided with injecting head, and the injecting head is provided withThe longitudinal interface being connected with longitudinal device and the vertical joint being connected with vertical means;

    Longitudinal injection moulding apparatus includes the first workbench, and first workbench is provided with the first pillar, the first pillar upper endThe second motor provided with control cabinet, the second hopper, longitudinal injection device and driving longitudinal direction injection device, the second hopper are noted with longitudinal directionMould device connection;

    The vertical injection moulding apparatus includes the second workbench, and the second workbench is provided with the 3rd motor, electric cabinet and secondPillar, the 3rd motor are connected with electric cabinet, and the second post top portion is provided with power cross box, and one end of power cross box is provided withVertical injection device, the other end of power cross box are provided with the rotating bar being connected with the 3rd motor, the side of vertical injection deviceConnect provided with the 3rd hopper and with vertical injection device;

    The horizontal injection device is connected with heater by flange;

    Outside the flangeEnclose and be provided with clamping device;

    The heater upper end is provided with heat emission hole;

    Regulation the first adjuster of height is provided with the middle part of first pillar;

    The control cabinet is provided with power switch, activation button, stop button, speed regulator, first paragraph and switched, second segment switch,3rd section of switch, first paragraph ammeter, second segment ammeter, the 3rd section of ammeter, revolution counter, first paragraph monitoring table, second segmentMonitor table and the 3rd monitoring table;

    Height-adjustable second adjuster is provided with the middle part of second pillar;

    Second workbenchCorner be respectively equipped with movable pulley.

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