Treatment method for moderate stony desertification in karst mountain area

Treatment method for moderate stony desertification in karst mountain area

  • CN 103,891,573 A
  • Filed: 03/25/2014
  • Published: 07/02/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/25/2014
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1. an improvement method for Karst Mountain Areas moderate stony desertification, comprises the steps:

  • 1) ploughed in slope, promote soil ladderization technology, build stone ridge transforming slope into terrace and biological hedge, adopt horizontal wall inscription plantation, large level ditch planting, plastic mulching water-saving agricultural technology measure plantation grain or economic crops, herbage, auxiliary construction tractor road and operation sidewalk, improve tillage condition;

    Make fuel wood by biological hedge construction minimizing water and soil loss, harvesting leaf or straw-returning, pollard;

    2) build soil and water conservation forest at hillside fields periphery, adopt the view seeds such as fragrant camphor tree, glossy privet, Yunnan cypress, Luan Shu;

    Set up Karst hill plantation by mixed afforestation, container seedling cultivation, the cultivation of nutritious bag seedling, the woods grass solid growth handed over;

    3) high yield is developed to through fruit-bearing forest-crystal grape in bottom, peak cluster slope and part depression, between the good meadow of condition, body middle and upper part, slope and sparse wood, develop golden pear;

    What land occupation condition was poor closes management;

    4) adopt water to protect the woods grass configuration of woods/economic forest+herbage, set up reasonable cutting pattern, take into account ecology and economy benefit;

    5) foster and manage and protect technical training by get bumper crops planting technique, fruit tree of fruit tree, developing ecology, through fruit-bearing forest industry, improves basin economic structure;

    Set up Ecological Medicine Industry base, set up ecological grape industrial base;

    6) mode of utilization " intercepting drain+sand basin+small-sized cistern ", " canal+inlet channel+sand basin+cistern drains off floodwaters ", develops water resource;

    And utilize pipeline and domatic top cistern series winding, realize water resources optimal operation;

    7) utilize machinery well-digging, extract underground water, in control area, high point is built head-tank, with field, domatic pond pipeline, forms irrigation network, adopts sprinkler irrigation technique, sets up precocious Vegetable Base.

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