Process for preparing pure natural ultrafine calcium powder

Process for preparing pure natural ultrafine calcium powder

  • CN 103,892,285 A
  • Filed: 04/10/2014
  • Published: 07/02/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/10/2014
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1. the preparation technology of pure natural ultra micro calcium powder, is characterized in that:

  • comprise the following steps such as selection, cleaning, pulverizing, calcining, grinding, hydrolysis and superfine grinding;

    1. selection;

    collect the raw material that calcium content is greater than 30%, described raw material comprises marine organisms and ore;

    2. clean;

    raw material is carried out to preliminary cleaning and degree of depth cleaning;

    Described preliminary cleaning step adopts washing polishing mode, and to remove surperficial stain and the epidermis of raw material, described degree of depth cleaning step adopts high-pressure washing mode, to remove heavy metal and the obstinate mud on raw material surface;

    3. pulverize;

    the raw material after cleaning is pulverized as granule, and described short grained particle diameter is 10~


    4. calcining;

    adopt the mode of temperature programming to carry out heating and calcining to the granule after pulverizing, to realize the object that is decomposed into of calcic component substances wherein;

    The step of described temperature programming comprises;

    (a) be tentatively warming up to 350-1600 ℃

    , calcining 1.5-3 hour, until raw material is subject to thermosetting crackle;

    (b) continue to be warming up to 1000-2000 ℃

    , calcining 1-3.5 hour, until calcium carbonate decomposes completely;

    5. grind;

    the material after calcining is ground until grain diameter is 20~

    40 μ


    6. hydrolysis;

    add suitable quantity of water to be hydrolyzed, obtain water mill magma;

    7. superfine grinding and oven dry;

    water mill magma is ground until diameter of particle is 0.1~

    10 μ

    m, dry under the temperature conditions of 240-260 ℃

    , obtain the ultra micro calcium powder from single raw material;

    8. mix;

    according to a certain percentage the ultra micro calcium powder of different material is mixed, obtain the mixing ultra micro calcium powder of different purposes.

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